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Change Police uniforms

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Previous post on the old website got removed, just gonna give a basic overview:


The current police uniforms aren't locationally related to Oviscity, they aren't very customizable, and they're all over the place in terms of their design and detail. They're overall bit naf considering the job can have seven individuals wearing the uniform at once, and there often are.

However, I edited some uniforms to make them Oviscity-oriented (with original owner's permission) and these uniforms are not only extremely customizable, but also are much more detailed.

These are the Ancient GPD Playermodels - OCPD reskin.

Basically, they've got a bunch of different bodygroups, long sleeve, short sleeve, gas mask, different glasses and hats, etc.

Here are a few benefits of the new uniforms:

  • Smaller in size than the current uniforms (these ones are 52MB compared to the current 56MB)
  • Lots of different skins and customizations for each model (over five different variants for each, making every character unique)
  • Well-detailed duty belt, badges, hats, and accessories - ported from GTA 5
  • Customizable gloves, long or short sleeves, hats, glasses, and masks that can be used to adapt to certain situations such as SCP breaches
  • Actually relevant to Oviscity, I changed the badges to say 'Oviscity Police Department'

So, what am I suggesting? I'm suggesting that the Police Chief and Police Officer job models are switched to these ones.

Below are some images of some of the customizations, there are a lot more.



Officer Hazmat.jpg



Officer Long.jpg



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