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3D Stream Radio Guide

***If you purchased Stream radio in the past (or in a bundle) Server Management or Harland will need to add your whitelist again.***

***If you need the 3D Radio activated again or have any issues, please DM Harland on Discord about this, please be reminded to have your PayPal or PayGol email at hand, or if you used Steam gifting to link Harland your Steam profile or SteamID.***

You can find Harland on Discord by joining any of our Public Discords and DMing Harland: https://www.werwolfgaming.com/discords

How to play your 3D Radio

If you have the 3D Radio and it has been activated these are a few ways you can convert your music into usable links for the 3D Radio.

Right click on “Download the Mp3” and copy the address into 3D Radio spawner

Recommended Settings


Server Rules on the 3D Radio

6.6.1: Do not spam radios. You may only have one or two per base, depending on the size.

6.6.2: You may play any sound or song you want as long as it makes sense that it would be played in public in 1943 Nazi Germany and also isn't offensive/ear rape.
Example: at a Government Checkpoint, you may play radio sounds with the 3D Stream Radio tool.

6.6.3: You may only place radios inside your property. The radius much be such that it can barely be heard outside. A good radius would be ranging between 250 and 500 for interiors.






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