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Surface Laws & A few other suggestions

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Suggestion 1: Have a standardised list of laws when there is no mayor or when the mayor has not set any laws. These laws should encompass the basic international laws, such as assault with a deadly weapon, murder, battery, theft, trespassing etc.

Suggestion 2: Give Tactical Response Officers access to spawn in books and notepads for notices and instructional bulletins.

Suggestion 3: Give SWAT units access to the stungun, they're mostly as trustworthy as the chief and would be expected to have one.

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Yeah first suggestion is no brainer the fact that it isn't i find shocking.

2nd one is like i want to see TRO in their headquarters writing the next bible

lastly i hate the stungun it very annoying and irritating so no there.


Very SERious roleplayer who does very serious roleplay

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