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John Rictor

RDM on several occasions

October 3rd 2020

Not sure of Admin name

I usually play as German resistance, one of the Mafia recruits I think. I was given a gun and on multiple occasions I have killed people. However this was because when an event had had been taking place I was a US soldier and we were allowed to kill people, so I thought we, as Mafia, were meant to kill people or capture them. It was my mistake and my friend who plays the server has told me what It was I was doing wrong.

Yes, I shouldn't have killed people, however I think a permanent ban is a little overboard, if it would be okay I could do a one month ban and then go over some training with an Admin on what I was doing wrong.

I don't think I should be instantly unwarned, as I did break the rules, but I think I understand what I have done wrong and will be fine with accepting a one month ban or something similar. 

Thanks, I hope this will be good enough and I can return to the server.


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Just because event characters are fighting, doesn't mean the server becomes a fucking RDM for free zone. Maybe use this magical thing called "common sense" and not get banned for [BAN][B5] NITRP [Tier II] Constant RDM in spawn/Ignoring Staff/FailRP [Perm]..?

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