Bernt Viktor Ohlsen

Bernt Viktor Ohlsen Unban appeal

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Your In-game name: Bernt Viktor Ohlsen, got banned as Hanz Ivenstein

Your Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:224019215


Reason of the ban:  Failrp, Countering bigger force

Date you were banned on: 10/5/20

Duration of ban:5 days

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Herman Stellman / STEAM_0:1:54981162


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: I was disguised as orpo with another mafia, there were 3 orpo members one being a CO, so i was talking with the other mafia to kill the 2 guys then kidnap the CO, after we both countered i got banned for failrp, stellman telling me that "if they dont shoot at you its failrp to counter" and after that Malte told me its was changed to countering a bigger force

Do you think your ban was justified: No

Why should you be unbanned: Because we both countered, i dont think 2 people countering 3 is countering bigger force


Any kind of evidence: no 

Additional information: no

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Nowhere in the rules does it state that counters must be in retaliation to a hostile action, with rule 4.5.1 only stating that you need a valid IC reason to counter or assist a player action Also if there was two of you you can counter double the amount of you as stated in rule 4.5.7, so i dont see why it would countering a superior force.

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I am going to clarify that I spoke to the Stellman, and before we changed your ban  we had discussed it and it seems your friend adverted assist instead of counter, thus making it countering a superior force.

The ban for it being a hostile action was dropped and changed.

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15 minutes ago, Jack / Malte said:

I am going to clarify that I spoke to the Stellman, and before we changed your ban  we had discussed it and it seems your friend adverted assist instead of counter, thus making it countering a superior force.

The ban for it being a hostile action was dropped and changed.

Why should i be punished for someone elses mistake? And He countered after accidentaly assisting

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5 hours ago, Bernt Viktor Ohlsen said:

Why should i be punished for someone elses mistake? And He countered after accidentaly assisting

Just as a advice, make sure everyone countered correctly before shoting anyone, since it avoids situations like this. But anyway warns and ban seem to be valid no reason to remove them -1

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According to the logs this is the order of events and also why you were banned:

1. You advert assist by accident

2. You advert counter

3. You initiate combat (you vs 3 orpo) 

This is countering a superior force

4. Your friend (beckette) adverts assist

5. Your friends iniates combat.

Beckette did not rectify his assist before he started shooting so he had been warned for FailRP and RDM. You on the other hand have an amount of playtime which in the punishment list is classified as veteran player so along with your previous warns this resulted in your ban.

As Malte had previously mentioned this ban was changed from invalid counter reason to countering a superior force.

This is not you getting punished for someone else’s mistake. This is you getting punished for your own mistake. When you are playing with someone and you are countering together you have to make sure you dont start shooting until you both have valid counters.

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With the response of Malte and Stellman, I agree that the ban is valid for the situation in which it was changed to, and as such this thread is denied.

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