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Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD)

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Type of suggestion (job/vehicle/etc): Job


How important is your suggestion on a scale from 1 to 10: 2


Your suggestion: The reichsarbeitsdienst was a major organisation established in Nazi Germany as an agency to help mitigate the effects of unemployment on the German economy, militarise the workforce and indoctrinate it with Nazi Ideology. It was the official state labour service, divided into seperate sections for men and women. 


Reasons for this suggestion: As there are not too many civilian jobs except business owners, so I think that this job could be good for new players to learn and know the server and in the meantime giving them a fun job to play, so the things the RAD Could do will be, farm, assist the Reich and the DRK In battle with supplies such as ammunition and medical assistance, the job can be for all with a couple of ranks to keep it diverse, maybe 2 or 3 ranks like the Logistikstruppe which I will list below.


Any relevant links: I have tried to find a Reichsarbeitsdienst uniform playermodel, but if anyone could create one that would be fantastic. 


Additional Information: I think that they could be positioned at the farm with the SA where the door access can be given to RAD Too, so the ranks could be, Arbeitsmann: User, Hauptvormann: Plat VIP and Arbeitsfuhrer: Plat VIP. So the duties of the Arbeitsmann is to farm, deliver supplies with the help of a Hauptvormann or Arbeitsfuhrer. And the duties of the Hauptvormann is to assist the Arbeitsfuhrer in work and the Arbeitsfuhrer controls the labor and makes sure supplies are delivered.


Arbeitsmann: Working man/Soldat

Hauptvormann: Head foreman/Hauptgefreiter

Arbeitsfuhrer: Labor leader/Major


Possible weapons for the ranks: The Arbeitsfuhrer should get a P38 and the Hauptvormann also gets a P38 While the arbeitsmann do not get a gun or weapon.

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The SA does everything you just mentioned in this thread pretty much. Expect the logistics stuff which the RAD didn't directly deliver to the frontlines nor to the battles as that was the logistics, and the logistics job is already a non wl job for the Em ranks.

9 minutes ago, Alfy Fegydorf said:


Any relevant links: I have tried to find a Reichsarbeitsdienst uniform playermodel, but if anyone could create one that would be fantastic. 

Also this, you must haven't been looking hard, and making models isn't that easy, no one is gonna make RAD models specifically just because of this suggestion.



Current ranks:





Previous ranks:


Rape victim


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 -1 RAD was on the server but was replaced with SA Standarte “Feldherrnhalle” later, with good intentions since SA is much better on so many levels where for example, RAD was only a farming regiment where SA is a Guarding,making shops, etc and Semi Farming. I dont see the reason of adding RAD 

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RAD looked pretty swag doe ngl, the models wouldnt be really problem but honestly as Krause and Weene said all of the work you mentioned is already done by groups on the server (Logistics and SA).  Also just noticed that "Your suggestion" question is literally wikipedia copy. Pretty cringe, you could have atleast tried to form some sort of original answer to that. 

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As mentioned above, RAD was already once on the server and ended up being replaced with the SA Standarte ,,Feldherrnhalle”  and  currently it does all of the things mentioned above, and the things the SA does not do ends up being done by the logistiks no real diversity from the SA so I see this as not really needed.

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