Pyro's/Green's First staff application

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In Game Name: 


501st LCPL Pyro (Steam name: [W-G] LCOL. Green)


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:460511839


Are you currently staff on any other server or WG server: 




In-game rank:  


[Platinum VIP] and 501st LCPL


Have you got experience in staffing RP servers: 






14 (d.o.b: 8th of March 2006)




7 weeks 2 hours as I’m writing this. (I’ve been on the server since 27th of March 2019)


Predicted time on server per week: 


Normal weekdays (Monday - Thursday) 5 - 7 hours a day. Friday: 9 - 11 hours. Saturday: 9 - 13 hours. Sunday: 8 - 10 hours. (holidays: 11 - 13 hours)




N/A (0)


Do you use a microphone: 


Yes sir!


What do you aim to achieve in our staff team: 


I aim to create a more friendly and fun environment for everyone so we get more people to like playing on the server and hopefully stay and become high ranks in their regiments and maybe even join the staff team.


Why do you stand out among other candidates: 


I’ve been on the server for a pretty long time now and I know a lot of people that are playing on the server. I am also very active and don’t really have any “enemies” or people I dislike, so I would be friendly towards everyone. I am very easy to talk to and if I hear someone having a problem I try and fix it if I can. I can also stay very calm in intense situations and I always try and calm the other person down as well which could be good when you’re staff.


Why should we pick you to staff our server(200 words): 


By choosing me as a staff member you will acquire an active, fun, friendly and trustworthy person. I will deal with the people that violate the rules on the server and punish them accordingly.


 I am capable of differentiating serious matters from humor and behave myself accordingly I will also bring joy to the server and play as a regular player would, not constantly acting as a staff member.


 I should also be chosen because of my activity and dedication to this server. I always take full responsibility when I violate rules or regulations.

With all these skills I can maintain and maybe improve the environment that the previous staff members have made, making WGSWRP a better place and achieving my goal of an overall good environment for the players of this awesome community.


And almost everyday I encounter people breaking the server rules such as FailRP or ARDM/RDM wich I want to be able to solve myself but can’t. And everyday I encounter someone being stuck in for example an elevator or a wall. My first dream since I joined the server was to help people out.

Lastly I can stay very calm in intense situations and I always try and calm the person/people down so they can come back to the server once again and enjoy all the fun you can have here on WGSWRP.


Do you understand that if you are unsuitable as a staff member your rank may be removed: 


Yes, I understand.


If a trooper didn’t salute to you, what do you do as a staff member: 


If I would be playing as SOD they wouldn’t have to salute me because I’m there OOC.


You haven’t done your duties as a staff member as much as you should one week, how do you handle this:


 I would first contact a higher up (staff Management) and tell him/her/them why I was not able to fulfill my duties. Then I would try to make an agreement with the higher up (Staff Management) to play more SOD and catch up on the required claims per week even tho it may affect my rank in my current regiment.


You don’t like a staff member, how do you handle this: 


There is probably always someone you dislike or like less than everybody else, but that doesn’t mean you can treat that person differently. I would just leave it be or just leave them alone and let them do theirs.


Anything else: I am also known as: Itches, Pyro and Green - WGSWRP

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+1 Nice person 


Current Ranks

IRP Super Administrator

 Tatooine Security Commissioner

Past Ranks

IC Commander

Death Trooper Vice Commander

CWRP Admin

501st Senior Commander

ARC Vice Commander

ARC Colonelx2



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Ok looking at this at first I saw the rank and thought ok this is going to be a -1

however reading into this application, I saw that he has been here for a long time and he is active

Also he has a very big drive to be staff like he really wants to help people


Will be good staff member



If i must be honest, there is little to no chance you will be accepted, there are lots of good candidates 


The Boys


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+1 Neutral

The application looks good, the questions have been answered correct and your time on the server is decend, I gave you a neutral because you are still a NCO and some people might not really know you.

Anyways, good luck

Current Ranks
Civil Protection 04 - JURY
Former Ranks
Hauptmann und Polizeichef der Berliner Ordnungspolizei
Hauptscharführer des Inland-Sicherheitsdienst

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