i got banned after i made 1 mistake (sorry didnt know there was a template)

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Your In-game name: Willem Alexander

Your Steam ID: Wesmonari


Reason of the ban: uncuffed myself

Date you were banned on: 13 okt

Duration of ban: 1 day

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID):


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail:

i was in the server for 5 min and got arested right away

Do you think your ban was justified: no, i didnt even get 1 warning

Why should you be unbanned: i just wanted to play with my buddys and start a restaurant


Any kind of evidence:

Additional information: kertz straffen was the guy that banned me

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Good Afternoon sir,

I was the staff member the banned you for the offence you had committed. I saw you trying to break out of your shackles with me and some ORPO members. I told you multiple times verbally not to release yourself, but you continue to do it. So therefore I punished you. The reason you got a FailRP tier 2 is because you had FailRP tier 1 before, that explains the ban. 


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Just now, Wesmonari said:

that wass 3 months ago so therefor i thought it would be irrelevent by now

Sorry, but it is still relevant even after 3 months


Anyway was told to stop releasing himself, continued to do so therefore breaking a server rule, warn and ban valid no reason to remove them -1

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Been previously warned for same offence, told multiple times by staff and players to stop but didn't, warn and ban remains.

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