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Dein Name im Spiel: Werner Schrödiger

Ihre Steam ID: 76561198368610766


Grund des Verbots: 30 + Warings

Datum, an dem Sie gesperrt wurden: Jun 2  16:43:41  2020

Dauer des Verbots: Permaban

Administrator, der dich gesperrt hat (Name im Spiel / Steam-Name / Steam-ID): Alfred Landa


Erläutern Sie die Situation Ihres Verbots aus Ihrer Sicht ausführlich: Yeah like, i read the rules now, but let me tell anything in the Additional Information (Bottom)

Denken Sie, dass Ihr Verbot gerechtfertigt war: Yeah, like i dont know, but i wasnt even aware of the fact that 30 Warns is max, i ident know it

Warum sollten Sie nicht gesperrt sein: I know, i made a lot of wrong stuff, but still i think every person has a Second chance


Jede Art von Beweis: I am not recording my Screen, sorry



So, I have been banned for 4 Months now in my first unban request (June 2) Auster schuhmacher Said 3-6 Months of ban time, So im once again going to ask how my case will countinue. Once again i can only say i am sorry and i would like to get a second Chance, many things have changed in this 4 months, i currently have some mental health issues but i am working on them as well (im in psychiatrie). Sry this has not much to do with this request but i just want to say that i have changed in this time, a lot. So please think about it a second time and then reply here. 


If you would like to talk to me for 10-20 Mins, so i can explain what happend earlier and why (Ban reason and all the Warns) i am on discord most of the time.         Lelic - Hastag - 1173



Till Fischer

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Hahahahahahahaha, what a funny man requesting an unban! 30 warnings in just over 3 months, 15 warns in the span of a month (May), 6 in March, 7 in April and the other 2 on the day of your ban. 

No offence, but I don't want you on my server ever again with a record like that!

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