Uban Request

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Your In-game name: Daniel Siegel

Your Steam ID:76561199052113636


Reason of the ban: Failrp name and pac abuse

Date you were banned on:26/09/2020

Duration of ban:Permaban

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID):

Johan Schneider/Bluemist

Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: I was experimenting my playermodel in order for a possible project,the creation of a Vichy French  Government Officials job,for a event that could include a meeting with the Reich officials,negotiations about French's war prisonners,deportation and collaboration stuff,even the owner said it could be a good idea historically speaking,i used playermodel of Dr Breen,made a french képi and cane,and put the name of Philipe Joseph  Pétain (former name of Marshal of France) and when i walked out of the spawn,Johan Schneider told me to remove the pac 3,thing that i did,and when i was about  change my name,but i was already banned.


Do you think your ban was justified: Yes and no because i knew it's against the rules to play a famous character from history,but i had no intention to use it as if i had power or anything,i believed as the server wasn't very active with no many players on,so i just wanted to experiment.

Why should you be unbanned:Because i didn't do anything that bad except experimenting my model in the spawn,and also because i really like this community,and since im a collector possessing documents and objetcs of this era,and friend with a historian,i would like to contribute to this community financially and in the rp itself,to make suggestions for the future and eventually help the devloppement of the server, for redeem myself and i wish to not break the rules again.


Any kind of evidence:No

Additional information:Nope 

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Just to for other staff reading this:

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:545923954
Ban reason: [B7] Pac Abuse [Tier II]. [PERMA]


The main problem with the warns shown above is (because of staff members their errors) this was actually your 10th ban, therefore you would have been permabanned 3 bans ago if everything was done right. I think you should stay banned (for now) since it's been less than a month.

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Sicherheitsdirektor der NSDAP (Hauptabschnittleiter)
Oberbereitschaftsleiter der NSDAP-Streifendienst
Unterscharführer des Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt der SS

2.SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich' Unterscharführer
Unteroffizier der Wachbataillon Großdeutschland (the original)



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Do you remember the time I told you verbally no longer RP as from 1. Vichy France 2. Soemone that is disabled, you've done it again and you got punished, enjoy your perma ban -1 on this request

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You should consider yourself lucky! You received your 7th ban [which means a perma ban] on August 25th, not September 25th. The ban you got yesterday was your 10th in the new system, the ban on August 25th was meant to be your last so meaning you would have been permanently banned for FailRP x2 [Tier II], Running from a Sit [Tier II] and DTS [Tier II] not FailRP and Pac Abuse like you were this time! Thank you for raising this to my attention, and this thread is denied due to this fact, in regards to you being on our server for a month more than you should have been.

Feel free to appeal in another month or two, see you then ! 

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