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Type of suggestion (job/vehicle/etc.): Add Mountain Division.

How important is your suggestion on a scale from 1 to 10: (8)

Your suggestion: Bring back the 6th SS Mountain Division Nord or add any forest regiment back.

Reasons for this suggestion: Now since the map was updated and MF was removed I believe this regiment would now be more effectively and do reconnaissance more, Patrol the forest, Gathering information for Wehrmacht during attacks and invasions. As also part of the mountain division would sound great to have.

Any relevant links:

Additional Information: I remember when we had this regiment in older days and to be fair i see huge potential to bring them back and I'm sure some veterans would agree with me.

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They broke the world record for being the regiment that got disbanded the fastest after implementation. As far as i know there was no fun factor on doing the same thing on the forest every day, overall activity droped and no one wanted to join the regiment. Sorry but a -1 from me

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No just no. The Wehrmacht already had struggles staying active, now that they're starting to get active again and have full kompanies there is no need for another kompanie/regiment. It will just create another inactive regiment

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We are not adding any new regiments at this time.





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