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I do not know what i was banned for (part 2)

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Your In-game name: Adolf luffendorf

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:235089604


Reason of the ban: I do not Know (Wasn't in game)

Date you were banned on: October the 27th 

Duration of ban: 3 days

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): I do not Know (Wasn't in game)


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: I Got arrested and i was in the jail room and i said to him mate i acc need to go (i was going to my grans) he said alright just disconnect so i did then i come back on to find i have been banned

Do you think your ban was justified: No

Why should you be unbanned: Yes (and if I cant be unbanned at least tell me why it has happened)


Any kind of evidence: No because I wasn't even in the game

Additional information:


Note: While evidence is not a must it will make your unban request more likely to get accepted.

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Although "going to your grans" is a valid reason for disconnecting, I don't think it warrants LTARP. I'm unsure if there was a staff member around the prison that banned you, but you did break a basic rule, if you knew you had to go to your grans then why did you break a law that required you to RP in jail.

Im also unsure if you spoke OOC IC when stating you had to go, if so that also warrants a warn or a ban so either way i think this is deserved, perhaps try to read the rules next time.

It could be seen as ok due to the fact someone allowed you to leave, but a staff member must have seen it from another perspective


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Gustav Becker I did not intend to get arrested as it was for reckless driving 

and i did state it in IC originally i quickly corrected my self i did this because i was in quite a rush realizing i had to go in like 10 mins and i was not ready

also i do not know how to get my own steam id

Well I could not really get the "okie you can go" from the admin because i had to acc go


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The logs shows you got banned for LTARP by Senior Admin Hermann Stellmann, for leaving custody. This is normally a 2d Ban however as this is your second ban was on the 25th, this means 60 Hours in total and 3 Day Ban. I suggest next time that you please use the @ function to be able to communicate with staff so you no longer have a problem with leaving during RP.

I will also ask the Senior Admin in question to comment on this application, so that we can get a full story.

But based from what I can see this is a -1 on this application.

Also its kinda coincidental that you got arrested for wrecklessly driving, when your first ban was VDM.

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Accepts and Understands his Mistake.

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