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Type of suggestion (job/vehicle/etc): Veihcle for a job


How important is your suggestion on a scale from 1 to 10: 2


Your suggestion: Give OrPo the R75 motorcyle with sidecar.


Reasons for this suggestion: OrPo wouldn't benefit from this but it would be pretty cool, It would act as a smaller patrol type with a seat for a prisoner in a sidecar and a radioman at the back and of-course the driver up front. It would add the ability to have maybe one parked at the front of the PD for quick response or chasing of a suspect, as well as giving the use of the goggles skin option. Due to it being a bike it makes sense that it would be more suited for patrolling a smaller area, maybe 2 units patrol different areas of the city. I think it would be good but not necessarily needed. 


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I see where you are coming from with this but as Viko stated what is the point in you having the R75 added to your inventory is it is just there to be 'cool'. It would not benefit the OrPo in anyway as you already have a few vehicles that you can use to respond to certain raid's and such.

From this I will be giving your suggestion a  -1 simply because it is literally pointless OrPo acquiring a R75 which they would most likely rarely use for it's dedicated purpose.

Good Luck!





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Firstly motorbikes are mostly used for traffic related purposes and if this got added this is what I would expect of it in the case it's added, secondly as already mentioned above the OrPo already has a variety of vehicles to choose from and they are infact a police force which do not need much as they just interact with civil law each day and in my opinion do not need a motorbike to perform their duties which they're already capable of, the literal fact you have MP40s for nearly all NCO ranks is already very good.

Due to the reasons stated above, I will be giving this suggestion a -1.

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No Thanks.

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