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Your In-game name: Aberlart Himmler

Your Steam ID: V.Rocc


Reason of the ban:  Something to do with props it doesn't say on the ban thing

Date you were banned on: 30/10/2020 at 07;37;48PM

Duration of ban: 1 day

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Doesn't say


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: So my bus got stuck in water so i got a prop to push it out and i got Tp by a admin and he said i should of requested a admin to come and do it but I don't know how you do that so then he goes onto talking about other issues that have went on and there was one very recent which happened a few days back where I was sitting down on a chair and someone came and stated flying my all around the map and I get the blame for it it has really annoyed me!

Do you think your ban was justified: No not at all

Why should you be unbanned: Because i have played this sever for awhile and ik its only a day ban but its for really stupid thing which im just trying to make my life easier all the other thing that have happened are just stupid due to me getting the blame when it isnt even me also i have joined most of the army things/ also the 1.SS which im looking to get back into but i hope you can understand my point of view thank you!!!


Any kind of evidence: N/A

Additional information: N/A


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Dear Applicant, 

I was the person that had banned you for Prop Pushing, when I had saw the vehicle as you pushed it with a wooden prop, it was BY the water, not IN the water, but even so I would have done the same outcome, you should call an admin -like the other people that was over there that had called a sit before which is why I was near the river.

I had then moved you on top of the MOI Roof and asked you why you were breaking the rule of prop pushing, you said to move your bus as all wheels had been shot off by 'police' eg SS members. I had looked on your warns, you had one Tier II of Prop Minging -before the new banning system- and one warn from a few days ago for Prop Surfing, I felt this was enough for a Prop Pushing Tier II, as this was your first ban and you were a new player - 4 days playtime - you were given a One Day Ban.

He did tell me that his warn before was invalid and that he should make an unwarn request on that if he feels he didn't Prop Surf, but without YOUR STEAM ID we cannot know which member warned you for that a few days ago.

However knowing your warns and bans, and seeing what rule you were breaking, I feel the Tier II Ban is valid.

-1 on this application.

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37 minutes ago, Ablerlar Himmler said:

So my bus got stuck in water so i got a prop to push it out

Rule break admitted by the applier

Edited by Friedrich Scharl

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States he committed the definition of prop push in the first sentence.

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