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Your In-game name: Reinhard Ulrich

Your Steam ID:   STEAM_0:0:183414343


Reason of the warning: FailRP/Speaking OOC in VC

Date you were warned on: 02/11/2020

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Gustav Becker 


Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: Myself and Freddy Sommer were in the Reichstag gunpointing an NSDAP man to open all the doors so we could find the new files that were just added. As we get to the officers of the HC another NSDAP man walks in from the front doors as this happens I gunpoint and shackle him. Whilst telling him he's under gunpoint, I see Gustav Becker's name pop up in the voice box area at the same time I can also see his PAC3s floating directly above me and I then say "Go away Becker" after 30 seconds I was TPd to the RS roof and subsequently banned.

Do you think your warning was justified: No

Why should you be unwarned: I believe I should be unwarned because simply all I said was "Go away Gustav" I believe none of this was OOC as with the rules, commissioned officers are known public figures therefore I would in fact know the name of Gustav. I understand that he wasn't there IC but there would be no reason to ban me for simply saying "go away" and then the name of a known public figure. 


Any kind of evidence: No

Additional information: There are plenty of reasons as to why I would say  "Go away Gustav" in character.

Ex-Major der Feldgendarmerie

Ex-SS-Untersturmfuhrer und Stv. Leiter des Hauptamt SS-Gericht

Ex-Hauptabschnittsleiter und Stv. Vorsitzender des NSDAP-Gaugerichts

Ex-WW2 Administrator and Event Planner

Now extremely unimportant and racist

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There is not need for me to reply with an extremely detailed response as it was as simple as, you broke a rule that required a ban.

You spoke to me whilst I was in noclip, you would not have done that if you didn't see I was in the area. I have confirmed it with a Senior Staff member as well as another Staff member that it was indeed justified. You also have 10 FailRP warns and 3 weeks playtime, you should know the rules by now.

I hope you learn from this,


Gustav Becker

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SS - Obersturmführer , Leiter d. SS Schulungsamt u. SS Propaganda u. Hauptschriftleiter d. 'Das Schwarze Korps'  - 28/09/2020 - 19/12/2020 [WW2]

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Amtsleiter | Oberabschnittleiter und Unterbüroinspektor der Hauptamt Königsplatz 14/02/2021 - 27/03/2021 [WW2]

NSDAP - Einsatzleiter | Stellenleiter u. Stv. Leiter d. Unterbüro 'Presse u. Propaganda' u. Volkswohlfahrtsführer -  12/10/2020 - 11/11/2020 [WW2]

Unterscharführer des Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt der SS [WW2]

Adj. d. Stv. Befehlshaber d. Ersatzheer [WW2]

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As stated by the Trail Moderator above the warn/ban is valid as you spoke to the Staff member while he was spectating the situation from noclip. In fact the entire situation was not an Admin Sit or an OOC situation which makes it FailRP - Speaking OOC in VC.  

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WW2-Staff Supervisor 

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If many a staff agree with a situation, I'm not really going to go against them.

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