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Munich Independent Liberation Party

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Munich Independent Liberation Party




The Munich Independent Liberation Party was established in 1939 when a group of young ambitious men met together in a bierhall to discuss their grievances against the Third Reich.  The men  came to adopt the democratic ideology after agreeing that the current form of government, Facism, was not working. The more they met the stronger their beliefs to the party grew.  Over the years, the party increased in size and the  organization became more well known. Now, they work in and around berlin to take back what is rightfully theirs.

Organizational Structure
In the eyes of the German government, we are a criminal organization working to overthrow the Third Reich and seize the city of berlin.  The leader of the party, The Chairman, is an official elected in by  the original members during the time of the parties formation. Under the chairman, are the Buroleiters or Office Executives. These men, lead an office. Such offices include, The Internal Affairs, and the Ground Forces. The leaders of these offices are also elected in. Under the Buroleiters are the Buroangestellter or "Office Supervisors". These are the officers of the subsidiaries. They train and supervise the members of these groups.
The parties ideology is centered around a democratic system, we believe that the people of Germany should be able to have the right to vote people into office and have the right to freedom of speech and other such basic human rights. Many call us terrorists but we are quite the opposite. Everyone is entitled to their basic human rights. All men were created equal.
Jobs Within the Party
The party consists of two major offices these office have similar but different jobs:
Intelligence Agency - The Intelligence Agency acts not only as Intelligence but as Internal Affairs, they are the most secretive and stealthy of the party. They are handpicked and can not just join.

Operatives - The Operatives are the parties armed forces, they carry out raids and guard our headquarters. They are lead by the Chief Operative.

 Custom Jobs(s): 
Custom Group RGB value: 66b3ff  (102, 179, 255)

Job One:
Slots: 1
Name: Chairman
Type: Criminal
Equipment: doi_atow_webley, doi_atow_m1928a1, lockpick, weapon_cuff_shackles
Abilities: FakeID

Job Two:
Slots: 2
Name: Buroleiter
Type: Mafia
Equipment: doi_atow_webley, doi_atow_ithaca37, lockpick, weapon_cuff_shackles
Abilities: FakeID
Model: German Upper Class Civilian + Mafia

Job Three:
Slots: 3
Name: Operatives
Type: Criminal
Equipment: doi_atow_webley, doi_atow_m3greasegun, lockpick, weapon_cuff_shackles
Abilities: N/A

Job Three:
Slots: 2
Name: Party Member
Type: Criminal
Equipment: doi_atow_webley
Abilities: N/A
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Fair point, I think I may have to find a work around, the idea of the party and the idea of taking over berlin is just for roleplay purposes, It would be like a never-ending struggle against the Reich to "take it back". And the party was established 4 years ago. The war started m 39 and that is when the party was founded and it is 43 now. I will go ahead and change a few things to make it look more appealing. @Koauts Beghemot

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After Hitler's seek into power in 1933 all of his party opponents were mainly communists. They had the option of joining them or not which would lead them into prison or work camps, as Nazi Germany was a one-party dictatorship and because of this there were no other parties except the NSDAP.
This costum group would be opposite with historical accuracy. As there were no criminal organisation with the main goal of over throwing the government. The Resistance was for sabotagin, staging kidnaps etc. and Mafia is to do illegal dealerships etc.

In the perspective of the server this would be just a small version of the mafia but with overall "good" weapons.
I myself also don't know you nor your activity on the server. If the activity is bad then leading it would be worse if it doesn't changes.

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On 11/7/2020 at 9:51 PM, Friedrich Scharl said:

This costum group would be opposite with historical accuracy

>implying any of the criminal groups (except like maybe Resistance) are historically accurate


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