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Your In-game name: Chapter Master Snowden

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:155772809


Reason of the ban: Erotic Roleplay

Date you were banned on: May 3rd 2020

Duration of ban: Permanent

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Jaydn Von Turkman


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: I was with a 2 people, I’d never met either of the players before and they was just randoms I met on the server. I set up a sit-com style scene which was Fail RP. I first set up in spawn then was asked to move it by staff. I moved it out too the front of spawn after being asked to move again I moved too the back of the bar outside spawn. I set up a bed and a camera. I knew what my intentions were too make it look like a raunchy porn scene saying “this isn’t a beach this is a bath tub” I knew what I was doing but at this point I didn’t see it as ERP. Then a few minutes of talking and laughing with the two other players someone comes from spawn and starts to play a porn sound out of their mics. Instead of calling staff I laugh along with them further adding myself to the situation. Instead of removing myself and calling staff I decided to stay thinking no punishment would come of it. The player who’s name I don’t know then started doing “/me loobs asshole” instant red flag but once again at the time I ignored it and carried on thinking what was happening was hilarious. Now looking back on it and the punishment that came of it I really should’ve left it there called staff on the mic spammer but also never even have set up the scene in the first place. But instead I remained involved. After some time of the mic spammer blaring porn out of his mic a Wehrmacht soldier came over and called staff. Jaydn came and swiftly banned everyone on scene who was seen to be involved with the mic spam and ERP.

Do you think your ban was justified: After thinking about my actions and taking the time too see from Jaydn’s perspective I can completely understand why I was banned without question. I shouldn’t have involved myself in the situation or even started it in the first place. My intentions weren’t for it to divulge into ERP scenario with /me’s or mic spam but that’s what happened. I can understand why I was wrong I can now see how I was in violation of several sever rules.

Why should you be unbanned: When I made my first appeal I was heated due to my ban I proclaimed my innocence over and over even though I was in the wrong. I can now acknowledge that the actions I pretty much orchestrated by setting up the props were in total violation of the rules. I love the Werewolf gaming RP community I made just stupid mistake by pushing the line too far by as said before basically orchestrating rule break. Due to quarantine it’s led to extensive boredom and 1943RP was a great break away with funny interactions and interactions as a whole with people. I want to apologize for my actions and instead of  pleading innocence I plead guilty and recognize I was in the wrong for both accusing staff for targeting me and well orchestrating rule breaks. After a few days I’ve cooled off and as I’ve said time and time again realized I was in the wrong. I hope staff can give me a chance too come back too the server and understand the ERP was not an intention but it was what happened and I have to deal with repercussion. I just hope staff can realize I was being a dumbass and I can personally assure staff nothing like this was happen again. It was a one off action of me being a dumbass trying to get a few cheap laughs. It won't happen again I'm sorry to the staff who's time I wasted by trying to be a comedian as said before it won't happen again and if it does the punishment of a permanent ban will be more that justified. 


Any kind of evidence: Not any.

Additional information: In my first appeal I was hot headed and full of myself. I said several times staff was out to get me and I was innocent and not in violation of the rules. Now looking over the situation I want to apologise to the staff members who I accused of targeting me and also wasting their time on a stupid scenario that shouldn’t have even happened in the first place  



 I’m not sure of the ban cooldown so if I have violated that in anyway I do apologize it isn’t intentional.


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It is indeed to early, the "cooldown" is probably about 3 weeks to 3 months? 

Appeal Denied. 

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