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Artillery Cannons

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What your suggestion is: To add cannons that work as artillery, would make it so Battalion or EC's can plan on building FOBs where there would be artillery set up and ready to do some artillery striking on the enemies

Scriptfodder/workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=930396962&searchtext=antivehicle

Any additional information:
As they are quite big and would take up alot of space, a limited amount of them should be allowed per event maybe like 1 or 2. you could get more but each artillery strike does around 900 damage if it lands perfectly on you which wouldnt be that fun if there were 4 shooting at the same place

Would be great for CE so they can station some troopers on them if they get the go ahead from the leading battalion to set them up. This would mean that the leading battalion and CE would have to communicate and work together to make sure the artillery is landing at the right place, scouting regiments could also help them with this by scouting ahead and telling them the coordinates.

If ECs were to use them you could send RC to do a sneaky operation to take over where they are stationed and blow them up, same goes for ECs.

Would only really work in big maps like Geonosis, Cruiser canyon or any other map thats pretty big. and due to that they wont be overused in events and would only work at some times on certain maps.

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Cool however I would wait until LFS to add this. LFS one is 10x better and can be picked up by an LAAT.

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I think if we have like a 10-15sec cooldown between shots it can be pretty good

this i think would also work great on Battle of Christophsis

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Bring this and LFs, easy, everyone happy.


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Nathan has a good point, wait until LFS is added and we can use this with the LFS version.

This would allow CE and 212th to use it and it can be picked up with an LAAT/c and dropped off at an appropriate location.

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We had years ago and it was never used and was incredibly shit, when we eventually try sort out LFS we'd use something similar rather than this.

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