New Droppods entity

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What your suggestion is: New drop-pod entity for EPs

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Any additional information: This is mainly a quality of life addon. Which can be used by EPs to actually realistically drop drop pods. Instead of them just appearing out of no where and also spawning inside of hangar bays where there is no possible way for any drop pod to even get inside, you can now aim at the floor spawn the entity in and it will come crashing in from the sky. 

The pack is very small in size, only 2MB and comes with a B1 Dispenser, B2 and Droideka dispensers.


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+1 will also make drop pods easier to notice where they landed

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If theyre destroyable they would be more handy in events, EP would have to worry less during events of disposing "destroyed" droppods. 

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Although seemingly a small change it would add a lot to events, please impliment.


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