Friedrich Scharl

Friedrich Scharl's Unban Request

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Your In-game name: Friedrich Scharl

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:196725376


Reason of the ban: [B1] FearRP (Sitting too close to a fire)

Date you were banned on: 13.11.2020

Duration of ban: 2 Days

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Johan Schneider STEAM_0:1:458601545


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: Some armed people entered the bank (event jobs) and I reported it to the reich jobs via /000. The 1.SS Raided the building and the event jobs said they will burn down the place if they breach more in. The failed to burn the place down and they have been killed. This whole time I was outside the bank. Instead of the inside of the bank, one of the bush next to it was starting to burn. Of course not a huge but a small one. I have set around 2-3 meter away from it. The was starting to be put out. When the fire had almost no chance of being bigger (had the size of a little cube) I was RPing to help setting out the fire via jumping on it. (IRL you would be doing the same if you wouldnt have water or anything). After the fire was put out there was a combat going on. While that I was behing an armored vehicle left behind by the Event jobs. After there were less and less bullets coming at my direction (they were not shooting me) I started walking towards the bridgehouse to check who is there when I suddenly got tped to the RS roof. Schneider told me I am going to be warned for FearRP for being too close to the fire. I explained him RP wise that why I was there and that realisticly why I was that close. He answered me that I would be burnt and things about it but at the end he warned and banned me.

Do you think your ban was justified: No

Why should you be unbanned: Because the warning reason itself makes no sense. I was RP like it would be cold as its middle of November already

Any kind of evidence: (me being at the same distance from the fire) ->
(people being even more near to a similair sized of fire) ->
If anyone had any tpye of grilling with an open fire place they know what I mean.

Additional information: No

[Current NRP Rank]: GD-C Oberfeldwebel, Fahnenjunker and Hauptfeldwebel

[Previous NRP Ranks]: 1.SS Unterscharführer Einsatzleiter Der Finanzen Und Arbeit, 2x ORPO Wachtmeister, PZAB-GD Stabsgefreiter, 1.SS Hauptscharführer, Wachtbataillon-GD Leutnant, SA Scharführer, Gestapo Kriminalassistent, SD Hauptscharführer, EBG-GD Hauptmann, PZG-GD Oberfeldwebel, 3x RAD Vormann, 23rd Oberfeldwebel


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After speaking to a Senior Staff member, we came to an agreement that it is FailRP since you were putting your own life at risk to "get warm". I have nothing much to say besides that. 

[Ex Ranks:]

WW2-Staff Manager 

SS-Sturmbannfuhrer des SD 

WW2-Deputy Event Manager

Leiter d. Stapo-Leitstelle "Berlin" [SS-Sturmbannführer]

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Hello Fredrich

You evidence doesnt prove anything comparing these small camp fires to a whole building is in my opinion pretty stupid. I was there during the event but didnt see you sit near the fire but I did see the fire and it had taken over the whole building it would be very unrealistic for someone sit on a chair right beside  a burning building. I hope you are aware you can get injuries from standing too close to a fire and I hope you wouldnt do what you do in game in real life

I wish you all the best on your unban request


Josef Kraz 

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I was umming and ahhing over this one, but I mean after reading Kraz's response I do sorta have to agree. The idea of sitting next to a bush on fire, sure, but sitting next to a bush which is on fire, because the big building next to is on fire is a bit more of an issue. In that regard, see you tomorrow!

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