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I tell you what the GOC don't
It's all about the occult people, man
The magicians, the wizards, and the motherfucking lizards
they're all here coming to steal our way of life
what's next? they wanna steal all our fucking wifes
White, Mexican, brothers, it don't matter
all in the face of the terrorist magician he'll have our head on a platter
that's why we got a coalition of the occult, and by admission it's running out of ammunition
too many mages, not enough cages
looking for the dollar, we may need an increase in our wages
These hoodlums should come and get that good bum
"So you kill people" they tell me
Yeah I agree, I really don't give a damn
waiting for the wizard, then it's a grand slam
easily made my way through the GOC sometimes, killing them mages with my rhymes punishing em for their occult crime
so, any more questions?
"Have you ever been beaten by a mage?"
aint nobody better than me, I don't lie. I'm not mister nice guy
From my AR15, ain't nobody hiding
For the GOC, I am always there, ready to inflict a nightmare on the occult
them mages, they's a cult
about to consult the wrong end of my glock, I'm telling you it aint that big of a shock






Bosnia demands more blood



memetic kill agent deployed. if you are reading this then FUCK YOU


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