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1945 Time Jump Event

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Event Idea: Battle of Berlin Event


Explain the event in detail: Wehrmacht and 1.SS And all armed units in Berlin will defend all points of the city as they are made aware of Soviet troops making their way from forest with tanks and troops, they will first fire artillery at Berlin destroying it, (event planners will place rubble) then they will move in with troops and tanks from Agen CP And farm CP, SA Or OrPo will guard Reichstag which the soviets will try to capture the reichstag and all main Reich buildings (Reichstag, MB, PD And MOI), the reich will defend until the last man. If the soviets fail the first time, the soviets will split and a small team of them will become americans where they will airdrop into the city and assist the remaining soviets, the Soviets will take the reichstag and place the soviet flag on it, then the event will be over, (the soviets may execute SS High Command and generally all SS).


Resources needed for this event that are not currently on the server (models/cars etc) : Gredwitch's base : Gredwitch's Soviet tank pack : Simfphys Armed vehicles (dont know if the server has this)


Additional Information: The Halloween Zombie event was pretty similar in way it was shaped, after it, no one remembered it, so after the event no one will remember it and it will go back to 1943, no promotions or anyone mentioning it.

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