Dyno's Batt app 2: Electric Boogaloo!

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Strong Application 
Experience in leadership ( DU Commander)

Overall good qualities for battalion 

Only downside is DU is in a bit of a shite state but oh well

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I do think you will be exceptional at it with your leadership skills but its a good app however DU is not in a good place (again), they need to reorganize their Hierarchy before they get another person leaving or there is basically No real hierarchy. I think they should do what they did with the other DU and put it on hold untill DU is sorted




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+1 / Neutral
.Great app
. Mature
.High rank
.Sound lad

. Just think about it if u leave the person that gets VC will be a CMDR straight away and u dont know if they are ready so i say the app should be put on pending whilst u sort your reg out and possibly see if the new hierarchy are ready to take control without u cause it will most likely take them a bit to learn the ropes.

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Dyno is the nicest person i have met in my 6 months on this server and is definitely the best commander i have ever served under.

People say that the regiment is unstable right now and i have to disagree. at one point we were crashing hard but i think Dyno has managed to pull the burning ship up and avoid a nasty landing. We have a great vice commander who im sure would be able to step up and amazing SOs like mango, Donhead and Jim who would smash it if put into EXO or VC 

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I have talked with Dyno on multiple occasisions he is a chill guy, i haven't seeing him mad.



DU Commander

Knows his stuff around the Shield regiements even helps CG's to get better

but talk about Neutral stuff now

You are the 4 DU Commander that is leaving within the 4 months periods, i have seeing your regiemnt have had their up and down times.


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absolute unit

wouldnt mind losing to him at all

great guy, great humour 

Only negative I could think of is the state of DU but it can obviously be fixed, as Jared and Dyno have both shown this in the past


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Battalion Command has decided that although you are a good choice, we don't want DU's hierarchy to continue rotating constantly, you are free to reapply with the same application whenever applications open again.

You may re-apply in 2 weeks.


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