Unban appeal perma

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Your In-game name: Fatfish

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:33285857


Reason of the ban: Dosent say anything but i think it was because i was spawning a cage that i would kidnap people in infront of military...

Date you were banned on: 28th dec 2019

Duration of ban: perma

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): dosent say


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: read the reason of the ban because that was what happend

Do you think your ban was justified: not at all

Why should you be unbanned: because i think its very bullshit that i was perma banned just for spawning a kidnap cage...


Any kind of evidence: Nope

Additional information: nope


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Perhaps you tried to get in the server with an Alt-Account while you were banned on your main account.
If you do this the console will Permaban you.

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If you attempted to bypass your ban by joining on an Alternative Account I personally say your ban is deserved. This would make a -1 from my side. And I would suggest for you to wait a bit more if you attempted to go around your ban.

If what Koauts says is true and the SteamID Provided is not banned I would prefer you to not join the Server until you have found the account banned as it would get your current account permanently banned as well for attempted ban evasion.

If you found the banned account please respond to the threat and give the SteamID of the Account that has actually been banned.

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You were banned permanently for reaching the warn limit of 30 warns, with a total of 31 warns achieved between the 11th May and the 28th December 2019.

As such, the ban and warns are all valid, and as such will all remain, with these including 17 FailRP warns, 5 ARDM / RDM warns, 4 LTAP, and multiple other prop related warns. 

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