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Mannschaften der Feldgendarmerie

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Type of suggestion (job/vehicle/etc): (Secondary) Job


How important is your suggestion on a scale from 1 to 10: 6


Your suggestion: Add Feldgendarmerie enlisted men.


Reasons for this suggestion: In my experience people aren’t sure on how FG works and plays. This could be a perfect way for people to try it out and see how we work and play. They could also help us with our regular duties such as inspections, patrolling the city, manning checkpoints and overseeing trainings, punishments and patrols.


Any relevant links: 

A book about the Feldgendarmerie:


Additional Information: 

Job of the enlisted men:

On the server the enlisted men will mostly stay within the MB or ensure security by performing ID checks at a checkpoint. They will also assist the NCOs and the COs of the Feldgendarmerie with duties such as observing trainings, performing patrols, performing inspections and overseeing punishments. 

They will have very limited authority when it comes to punishments but will be in their full authority to check ID papers of personnel up to Oberst as is in the FG authority and autonomy act:


Ranks and slots:

Feldgendarm, 3 slots

Feldobergendarm, 2 slots

Gefreiter des Feldgendarmerie-Trupps “Großdeutschland”, 2 slots   

Obergefreiter des Feldgendarmerie-Trupps “Großdeutschland”, 2 slot

Stabsgefreiter des Feldgendarmerie-Trupps “Großdeutschland”, 1 slot   

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