36. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS

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Custom Group Name:

36. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS

(The insignia of the 36.SS)

Backstory & Formation:

The 36. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (also known as the 'Black Hunters' or the SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger after 1944) were formed in 1940 under the pretext to deal with Polish Resistance Members that were causing troubles for the Reich. The Unit mainly consisted of low/high-profile criminals who were not expected to survive long within the Unit. The Black Hunters were known to have put down the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, as well as the Slovak Uprising that same year. The 36. SS mainly participated in counter-insurgent activities, as well as smaller battles in German-occupied Eastern Europe.

Originally, the Unit came into existence on the 14th of June, 1940. The orders for the formation of the Unit came in late May 1940 when Heinrich Himmler ordered that Bavarian and Austrian 'honorable poachers' be pardoned and enrolled in Marksmen's Rifle Corps based on their behavior and past. The premise of this unit was to be similar to the Jager units that fought on the Front. That way, the 'Wilddiebkommando Oranienburg' (Oranienburg Poacher's Unit) was formed with about 55 members. Eventually the Unit was transformed into a Division with about 4,000 by 1945.


(Members of the SS-Sturmbrigade 'Dirlewanger' in Warsaw, 1944)

Role on the Server:

The backstory of the Unit on the server would be that a Detachment from the Ostfront 36. SS has been transferred to Berlin to keep the locals at bay and assist the local regiments against deadly targets. Due to the fact that they are being moved to Berlin, the SS Command of the Unit decided to send in mostly recruits that used to be low-profile criminals, in order to not frighten the population by sending in the hardened soldiers. 

The role of the 36. SS on the server would attempt to not interfere too much with other currently existing regiments. The idea is that the group would take high-profile criminals after they've been interrogated by RSHA etc. (Mafia Capo+, Resistance Heavy Gunner and so on) and utilize them to work for the group. The actual members of the 36. SS (SS-Mann+) would have the role of rehabilitating criminals, leading frontline assaults, being the first breaching group for dangerous buildings and some other roles (maybe even being used for Events). Seeing as there is already the Strafbataillon, the 36.SS could either perform jobs given to them from the 1.SS/WVHA (mine clearing, dangerous scouting missions, assaulting MG positions etc.) or perhaps even eventually turn into a Straf-like regiment but reserved exclusively for 1.SS/OrPo members depending on the size it reaches. The previously mentioned captured criminals would be used as essentially testing dummies for different occasions. Due to the nature of the Group itself, they wouldn't require any special equipment that other groups would usually need like AFVs or MGs. Of course, there is also the possibility to cooperate with the local Strafbataillon whenever needed for extra training.

Custom Jobs(s):

Name: SS-Hauptsturmführer
Slots: 1
Type: Leader of the Group
Equipment: MP40, P08
Model: models/KriegSyntax/germans/WaffenSS/cos/Playermodel_2.mdl

Name: SS-Truppführer
Slots: 2
Type: COs of the Group
Equipment: MP40, PPK
Model: models/KriegSyntax/germans/WaffenSS/cos/Playermodel_2.mdl

Name: SS-Unterführer
Slots: 2
Type: NCOs of the Group
Equipment: Kar98k, Bayonet, PPK
Model: models/KriegSyntax/germans/WaffenSS/Enlisted/Playermodel.mdl

Name: SS-Mann
Slots: 5
Type: Enlisted Men of the Group
Equipment: Kar98K, Shovel
Model: models/KriegSyntax/germans/WaffenSS/pion/enlisted/Playermodel_2.mdl


(Models might be used for placeholders depending on historical accuracy/model availability)

Current ranks
Agent of His Majesty Erdogan
Former ranks
Kurdish Nationalist & Child

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Lets be real, this group would be only for real Dirlewanger appreaciators and enjoyers. Although it will most likely get denied (Like almost every single group 🗿) i do believe it would be funny and amazing way to enjoy playing on the server. 


+1 (As if my opinion even had any value lmao)

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