[WW2-NRP] Custom Group Rules & Obligations

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This thread will contain the following; Rules, Treatment and removal of Custom Groups and the new ‘Tier’ System for those Groups.


Custom Groups that generally minge and harm ‘Roleplay’ rather than expanding it need to be dealt with accordingly.
1. Deleting them with the sufficient amount of Evidence.
2. Reaching the ‘Tier’ Limit which will be introduced for Custom Groups further below.
3. Creating rules and obligations for those custom groups to stay in harmony with the rest of the server and Regiments.
4. Groups can also be deleted at anytime by the Group Manager, SMT and CAT.



All Members of those Custom Groups have to follow all the Rules of the Server. https://www.werwolfgaming.net/forums/topic/22-world-war-2-roleplay-server-rules/

Custom Groups oriented with the Government (Military, SS or the NSDAP) are directly under the command of that specific High-Command.

If members of those Custom Groups decide to break Laws ‘IC’ as such - They can be put in front of Court and demoted/executed if the verdict requires it. Those Members may not be taken back to the ‘Roleplay’ Group unless the Hierarchy gives authorization.

Tier System:

The System will be the following; Various amounts of Rules will be written on this document to keep custom Groups in line.

Custom Groups that have 2 active temp tiers at one time will receive 1 perm tier, 2 Perm Tiers will result in the custom groups removal from the server.
(This counts for all Custom Groups. It does not matter if Reich or Criminal Job or simple civilian jobs)

The ‘Tier’ will and can only be issued by the Hierarchy preferably the ‘Group-Manager’

The Group Manager, and any member of the Server Management Team can decide to remove a custom group after discussing the matter with the Server Hierarchy, however the Senior Staff Team has the right to express their opinion on the matter.

Any Custom Group Owners who fail to inform the Group Manager, SMT and CAT about Group changes as such Member changes will be punished with a Permanent Tier.

Tier 1 Warnings Result in Strikes, 3 Strikes result in a Group Tier, Tier 2 Warnings Result in an Instant Group Tier. 

It is the Group Keepers Goal to make sure no Tiers are Issued to their Group, it is their responsibility to Vet Applicants and avoid / deny those who they see as "trouble makers". 


Custom Group Rules:

Section 1. Authority ‘In Character'

You do not have any authority over any Regiment in any kind of way unless the Hierarchy or the designated High-Command says so.

The Generals and their General Staff / Administrative Office / Ministry have full authority over any Custom Group. As such the Ranks of Major or higher in the Military; Sturmbannführer or higher in the Oberabschnitt and Ortsgruppenleiter or higher in the NSDAP are in charge and have full authority.

Any Laws / Guidelines / Handbooks broken can be dealt with by the RSHA/FG or the Office of Justice and Public Relations

The Custom ‘Mafia’ Group(s) may only take 3 Associates from the normal Mafia in town.

The Custom ‘Resistance’ Group(s) may only take 3 Associates from the normal Mafia in town.

Disrespectful behaviour towards superior Officers will result in the designated ‘IC’ punishment in each faction and cannot be overwritten or interfered with by the Custom Group Owner.

Mafia/Resistance Custom Groups may cooperate in raids with the rest of the Groups, but shall NOT work with them together in any other way afterwards. (Unless the Custom Mafia Group has associates)

(Exploiting of the Rules above will be punished with a Tier.)


Section 2. Behaviour ‘Out of Character’

Members and Owners of any Custom Group are still expected to strictly follow the server rules which everyone is supposed to follow. Failure to do so will lead to Warnings or Bans, as is dictated by the Punishment List used by the Staff Team.

At the same time, Group Owners are EXPECTED to encourage discipline within the ranks. If it is determined that a Custom Group Owner is knowingly encouraging rule breaking and mingery within their Custom Group, then the entire Custom Group will receive a Tier, and its owner will receive the necessary ULX warnings.

At the same time, the Group Owner will be called upon to explain himself to the Server Hierarchy, which will determine
whether any further punishment needs to be administered.

At the same time, Group Owners and Members ARE NOT ALLOWED to do the following:
Demoting troublemakers and re-accepting them under a different RP name or even a different Steam Account.

Ignoring rule breaking and failing to administer punishments.

Failing to remove a member from the Custom Group if they have been told to do so by the Group Manager or Server Hierarchy, or any other supervising individual.

Knowingly encouraging or ignoring rule breaking.
Knowingly attempting to deceive other players as to the identity or the authority of a certain Custom Group, with the intent to justify unfair actions.

Using either a different IC rank or an OOC Staff Rank to secure preferential treatment for the Custom Group IC.

Using Staff Powers to amplify the combat abilities of any Custom Group (giving them weapons without permission from Server Hierarchy, spawning in Medkits, using ULX commands to heal Members during Raids etc.)
If a member of the custom group receives a warning in their custom group job from a staff member they are obligated to contact the Group Manager and inform him of the warning. If the Group Manager is not informed the Custom group will receive a Permanent Tier.

If any such infractions are found, the Group Owner will be personally held accountable.

Section 3. Behaviour in Events

Members and Owners of any Custom Group are allowed to take part in events organized by Event Planners and other staff members. They can withdraw from the Event at any given time, although if the Event is In-Character and involves orders from the High Command of that specific company the custom group members are to abide by those orders and are not exempt from the event.

They have to follow not only the orders established by the High Command of their company, but also any indications given to them by the Event Planner team.

Failure to comply with these rules during Events will lead to a temporal exclusion and possibly a tier, at the discretion of the Event Manager and the other Hierarchy members.

At the same time, Group Owners and Members ARE NOT ALLOWED to do the following during Events:

Take decisions on their own without first consulting the Player(s) or the Event Planner in charge of the Event, therefore ending up in compromising the integrity of the Event in the way it was originally planned.

Ignoring guidelines and orders imposed by the Player(s) or the Event Planner in charge of the Event.

Have a non-professional and mingy behaviour, therefore compromising the quality of the Event itself and making it less enjoyable for other Players.

Deliberately leaving an Event without consulting the Player(s) or the Event Planner in charge of the Event
Using staff powers to manipulate the course of action of themselves or other players involved in the Event without consulting the Player(s) or the Event Planner in charge of the Event

Section 4. Documents and Information / Dealing with High Command

Custom Groups, especially Groups that operate as part of the Reich Forces, are expected to provide full information of their activities to their supervising authorities.

Withholding information is punishable both IC and OOC. If a Roleplay Group is found to be willingly and knowingly withholding information from their Supervising Authority, then the Group will be punished harshly, in its entirety.

Strafbattalion  -> Supervised by the Army High Command
Ahnenerbe ->  Supervised by SS High Command
Karlsberg Consortium -> Supervised by the Group Owner and the Server Hierarchy

Regarding Documents, any document or regulation handbook related to any of the Custom Groups on the server needs to be approved by the High Command AND Server Hierarchy before they are considered official and apply within the server.

Documents which have not been approved by the High Command and the Server Hierarchy will be disregarded, and any individuals operating under them with increased power or to the detriment of others will be warned for FailRP.

Reich Custom Groups are by no means allowed to play start drama with the High Command or Agency which supervises them. Initiating drama in OOC or in IC will be punished harshly by the Server Hierarchy, with a Group Tier being one of the possible outcomes.

Complaining about Custom Group authority or privileges is considered drama and will be dealt with punishment.


Section 5. Group Whitelists and Membership

Custom Group Owners are to keep an up to date record of all the members of their group.
Failing to do so is detrimental to the Server Hierarchy’s ability to manage Custom Groups and therefore will be met with punishment.

Custom Group Owners are to use an officially approved Spreadsheet to list all their members, which is to be made publically available on the TeamSpeak channel of every group. Only that Spreadsheet will be considered valid.
Any individuals who are not on the official spreadsheet are subject to removal.

If a Custom Group Owner is found to be using a different spreadsheet without permission, which has not been authorised and made public, then they and their Custom Group will be subject to punishment. Failure to display all membership documents on the TS Channel is also a punishable offense.

As far as whitelists are concerned, they are to be sifted through regularly.
Inactive members are to be removed, at the Owner’s discretion. However, if the Server Hierarchy deems that someone is behaving in a way that is detrimental to the Server, then they have the full right to remove his whitelist and ban him from re-enlisting again (Standard rules on re-accepting banned or demoted members apply here).





Current Ranks:

Community Reserve Hierarchy

WW2 Manager

WW2 Gauleiter


Former Ranks:

Community Co-Founder

WW2 Owner

MRP Head-Admin

SCP Senior-Admin

ZRP Reserve






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