The Bulgarian Embassy

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Custom group name:

The Bulgarian Embassy


(Coat of Arms of the Tsardom of Bulgaria)

Backstory & Function within the Reich:

After the initial outbreak of World War II in 1939, the Prime Minister of the Tsardom of Bulgaria Georgi Kyoseivanov declared a state of neutrality. The Bulgarian Government hoped to observe the war and possibly gain back some of its former territories without needed bloodshed. However, the economy of the nation depended on the Third Reich. Most of the Tsardom's Officers were pro-German due to WW1 Relations, and Ultranationalists started calling for a return of the 1878 borders of the nation.


Bulgaria's position in the Balkans however meant that the neutrality could not last long. The German Reich tried to favor the Tsardom towards the Axis with numerous promises and deals, with one such deal being the 'Treaty of Craiova' in which Southern Dobrudja was returned to Bulgaria with Germany's arbitration. This helped strongly increase relations between the two former allies.


In late 1940/early 1941, the Bulgarian Parliament started passing bills and laws to favor German policies and the Ultranationalists, such as disallowing Jews to have Bulgarian Citizenship. 


Bulgaria had been mooted as a possible member of the Soviet sphere in the Molotov-Ribbentrop discussions in November 1939; the significance of Bulgaria's position increased after the British Empire intervened in the Balkans campaign and Hitler's plans to invade the Soviet Union progressed. Pressure built on Tsar Boris III to join the Axis, but he vacillated, and the government committed to joining - but at an unspecified date. In the planning of Operation Marita, the Germans sought to cross Bulgaria to invade Greece.  The new Prime Minister Bogdan Filov travelled to Vienna to sign the Tripartite Pact at the beginning of March.

With the fall of Greece & Yugoslavia, the Bulgarians received their promised land in the form of Macedonia and Thrace. This greatly improved Germano-Bulgarian ties, as it got the Tsardom a lot closer to National Unification. The Third Reich sent in an envoy to establish a German Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria by the name of Adolf-Heinz Berckele to handle with the Jewish problem. Likewise, Bulgaria sent their own diplomat to Germany, Dr. Parvan Draganov. Alexander Belev was sent on behalf of Bulgaria to Germany to make study of their Racial Laws.


(Wehrmacht officers in Sofia, Bulgaria)

Role on the Server: 

Due to the nature of the year that the server is set in, the Bulgarian Embassy would have quite a lot on their hands in term of Diplomacy. 1943 was a pivotal year for the Tsardom of Bulgaria, due to the Jewish Problem, the Death of Tsar Boris III in August 1943 and his underaged 9 year old son forming a Regency to rule the nation.

The role of the Embassy would be to have diplomatic discussions with the Reich on various political matters, such as the Macedonian and Thrace problem, the incapability of the newly established Regency etc. 

It would also be able to discuss the conditions of the Bulgarian people in Germany, improve Germano-Bulgarian relations through various ceremonies, parades and celebrations and Equipment deliveries to aid the German War Effort, positioning of Bulgarian Troops to occupy conquered territory within the Balkans and many other political issues. 

The idea of the Embassy is to cooperate closely with the NSDAP, both politically and by aiding the Reich by sending out equipment to the various regiments within Berlin with licensed Bulgarian-produced equipment.

According to the Roleplay provided during the Embassy's time on the server, the relationship between the Tsardom and the Reich could either drastically improve or deteriorate based on events that happen.

The protection of the Embassy itself could be handled by either 1.SS, SA or a Bulgarian Guard team (however there aren't any suitable models for the third option). The location of the Embassy would most likely be stationed near the Chess Club area that is barely used.

The Diplomat role provided within the Group will most likely be occupied by capable NSDAP members that are trusted enough tp not fully destroy foreign relations with bad Roleplay. However, the regular NSDAP can still roleplay with the Group, but at a slightly smaller level than the Diplomats.


(Adolf Hitler and Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria meeting at the 'Berghof' near Berchtesgaden)

Custom Job(s):

Name: Bulgarian Ambassador
Slots: 1
Type: Head of the Embassy
Equipment: None
Model: models/player/Suits/male_04_closed_tie.mdl

Name: Bulgarian Diplomats
Slots: 3
Type: The men responsible for negotiations with the Reich.
Equipment: None (Possible Ceremonial Diplomatic Dagger)
Model: models/player/Suits/male_07_closed_tie.mdl


Name: Bulgarian Honor Guard

Slots: 4

Type: The men in charge of the protection of the Embassy.

Equipment: G43, P08, Bayonet




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Embassy would be probably quite funny and nostalgic thing to have on the server. If filled out with correct people it could even be quite some good roleplay. 

3 hours ago, Viko said:

Name: German Diplomats
Slots: 3
Type: German Diplomats sent by the Foreign Ministry
Equipment: None (Possible Ceremonial Diplomatic Dagger)
Model: models/nsdap/suits/male_09_closed_tie.mdl

Also i spoke to Matti and Toni and we could make German Diplomat playermodel aswell in matter of days at most. Which would also be unique thing for embassy. And well, better than the poopy civi clothes with SS armband. (Gray ones) 


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This would bring a nice amount of passive roleplay.  Would love to see GD guard this along the 1.SS as GD has little roleplay inside the city and this could improve that. Overal nice suggestion and with special models by Seidel it could be really good.


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4 hours ago, Adolf Seidel said:


Also i spoke to Matti and Toni and we could make German Diplomat playermodel aswell in matter of days at most. Which would also be unique thing for embassy. And well, better than the poopy civi clothes with SS armband. (Gray ones) 


Take your meds schizo, we never said this

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5 hours ago, Weene said:

Take your meds schizo, we never said this

Holy shit weene, are you stupid. Plan was Matti texturing it, Toni makes one double breasted tunic which he already posted in models chat and im gonna code it in one weekend due to simplicy of it. Of course you didnt say it because i didnt ask you as you were not / and are not part of this plan. 

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I supported the Embassy idea for a long time, and I wouldn't mind seeing it again. Tho I could argue with the whole "German Diplomat" and "Bulgarian Diplomat" parts since in the old embassies the NSDAP had to send their own Diplomats and had their own ambassador, rather then having to take it's own slots for them. I've had experience in the Swiss and Japanese Embassy and this is a whole new concept obviously, probably if Barney still reads these Forum Suggestions he will respond to this aswell. Might even reconsider joining for this one, even though this system seems kinda sketchy.


For those who want to know why I call this system sketchy

So in the Swiss/Japanese Embassy originally created by Barney and later on removed, he had a system were there was 1 Ambassador Role, 4 Diplomat Roles and 4 Military Police (escort) roles. The Germans had to get their own diplomats out of the NSDAP High Command. The Diplomats had their own sections and had to work in those, there was also a small ranking structure but it was just very simply resembled by a regular diplomat and a section leader.  I cannot imagine a system where german and bulgarian diplomats are a thing, like would the german diplomats be in the Reichstag while the Bulgarian ones are in the embassy? Basically just a waste of slots but again I have no clue, I think I'd rather come back to the old system.

Anyways, I give you the credit for suggesting a new Embassy. Good luck with the performance.

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This is gonna be a very long essay as to why it's -1 so stay with me for a while...

Let's start from the pros:

- It's an embassy witch is something many people are nostalgic off and would like to participate in as it offers a new and unique faction other than established parties so far.

Time for cons, oh boy:

- You lack purpose on the server. This is one of the first and biggest mistakes I've made back when I establishing my first embassies and also my last mistake witch was repeated in the case of the Japanese Embassy that ended with it's closure just 3 months after it's establishment. Your proposal of an embassy lacks any sort of unique properties other than being an Embassy. You don't have any special weapons/items for sale, you provide no new mechanics to the game, you offer no unique features to the server or it's players and this is the key here. Being an emabssy just for the sake of being embassy and staying in one place doing nothing other than organizing a passive RP meetings and engaging in diplomacy ain't gonna cut it as after a while you and your workers will get bored of it. The server will lose interest of you as you have nothing to offer and you'll die out due to inactivity. So you need to give your embassy a unique property that the server and it's players will find useful. So you should talk with hierarchy/group manager if you can get you embassy some items/mechanics that will be found nowhere else on the server.

- Second thing is that although I appreciate the idea as it's the most realistic so far - No guards/weapons in the embassy. I like the idea as I was fond of it myself back in the day but it's not going to work on the kind of server we have here. You must understand that although in real-life diplomats don't carry weapons (As they have actual bodyguards/police protecting the embassy) you must take into account that Berlin is also full of resistance/mafia. Since you are Bulgarian, it means you are part of the Axis and you'll face resistance raids every single day. With no weapons on diplomats and no guards you'll be raided/kidnapped/killed nonstop just because you are a valuable target as a diplomat collaborator. You need to have your own Security otherwise raids will just get your embassy turned into a battlefield. Also you cannot count on German regiments as those may have other tasks to handle than protecting your embassy + they may be inactive just at the time when resistance decides to raid you and you'll be boned beyond rescuing.

- Third thing is the case I don't really understand. The German diplomats being part of your Embassy. I mean, Why? You are Bulgarian Embassy, not Bulgarian-German liaison office. Your task as the Embassy of a foreign country is to engage in diplomacy with the host country, you don't engage into diplomacy with yourself. The Embassy is supposed to make the host country send diplomats to it. It's the NSDAP that is to make internal decisions as to who, when and where should be German diplomats to contact with you. They should be the ones to organize a diplomatic mission to your embassy and you don't get to control the German Diplomats. German Diplomats are part of Germany/NSDAP, why waste 3 slots of your group for something that can and should be dealt with by the NSDAP itself?

- Fourth, although I don't know if it exists or not as I didn't see it, you lack administrative capacity. What I mean by that is that all embassies thus far to operate required extensive bureaucratic system and administration. As I can't see any public documents on this page, I assume you didn't create any internal legislations, any rules and most importantly hierarchy and administration that would deal with all matters of the embassy when it comes to diplomacy and internal rules. Are there any departments other than the Military Attache? Are there Foreign Affairs, Finances, Trade or anything? The reason why those are needed is that without proper internal legislation and adminisrtation your embassy will not be capable of functioning once specific people are offline or unavailable for longer periods of time. Who will takeover the matters of the finances if there's no finance attache and Ambassador is offline? Who will sign a document in the name of the Ambassador if there is no Foreign affairs attache? You should establish a clear set of regulations that would tell your workers what procedures should they follow in case of your absence. Otheriwise your embassy will be plunged into chaos a minute the Ambassador disconnects. True, we have Discord nowadays but still you need an extensive set of rules and regulations first to help you administer the embassy properly. 


And that's about it. Please, do consider this post as an opinion and advice from someone who was making embassies on this server for the past 5 years and experianced the worst of its flaws. I am willing to change my rating to +1 as soon as you make the changes I suggested as it increases your chances of survival on the server considerably. If you wish to talk, I am available on discord so if you have any questions regarding making an embassy, you may find me there. I hope that your embassy works out in the end and will be a great addition to the server, Cheers!

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Group Dissolved.

Possible Replacement Coming Soon ! 

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