Friedhellm Winter

Kurt Meyer LTARP Ban Request

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Your In-Game Name: Friedhellm Winter

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104607063


Offenders In-Game Name: Kurt Meyer

Offenders Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:111085615


What the offender has done: After kidnapping him when he was about to enter the MOI, I brought him to the yellow apartments by old casino and as I was buying the two doors that lead into the building, I turned around after buying the second one only to not see him there. I called an admin, who responded, checked the logs which show that he disconnected rather than timing out. He was then subsequently banned for 2 days for LTARP. However maybe an hour later, whilst checking the players list I saw that he was back on the server.

Evidence: You can check file names and my playtime counters to show the time difference.20200508204536_1.thumb.jpg.b4fff298e1ea7fb49f93629c6f600c42.jpg

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