The Seventh Sea

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Pirates? In my SCP? Unlikely but hey, gotta happen. Since there's no template I guess  just gotta improvise, huh.


"From the void we come

From the void we go."

Pirates show up in from a predetermined point, marked by a large black pool of water. The goal of the pirates is to make as much profit as possible within a selected timespan, with dfferent alternatives happening if a sufficient quota is fulfilled. The ways of making money could vary, from extortion to outright raiding, with SCP files and SCP data being a priority. 


"All hail the mighty, he's a-rising from the deep

With tattered sails and incredible tales, we're parting eternal seas"


After a sufficient quota has been reached within a selected timespan. The pirates meet up at the pool of water and drop all their earned treasure into it, while reciting shanties or something similar. The Pirate King rises from the pool, attempting to lead the pirates into the most profitable raid in their cycle-time; The Foundation. The Pirate King is alot stronger than the ordinary everyday pirates, guarded by a relic that can only be deactivated by hearing a specific sea shanty, one which can and should be discovered by the Foundation or a Group of Interest. It should be noted that the Pirates will only conduct a raid upon the Foundation once, after gathering SCP files and whatnot. 



"This place wasn't so tough,

 but we've plundered enough

Time to go home 

and indulge in an existentless tome."



After the raid on the Foundation, the pirates linger around, doing whatever they wish until the Pirate King call them back to the pool of black water. After all the pirates and the Pirate King has reached the black pool of water, they will sink into it and leave a random item SCP for the rest to fight over.



It should be noted that the entirety of the second phase can be avoided if the quota is not fulfilled, skipping straight to the third phase.

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- While just a mass raid event, it does provide entertainment and planning made by MTF could be made to "spice" up the event, with strategy made by the commanders. It additionally allows interaction of almost all GOIs on the server, to ensure that almost anyone can join. Additionally, one of the phases is on the surface which just gives me lots of ideas. 

Only complaint is that well, it's a mass raid GOI event, but it's probably one the community can handle.

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