Raidable Loots for Government Buildings

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Adding loots for PD, MB & MOI Raids

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Raiding a government building is fun, however it would be more interesting if the raiding party has an objective to achieve inside.
One simple method could be to add a weapon safe/locker into a specific room, where Mafia and Resistance members are able to steal the guns in their raid.
That would give illegal factions an extra purpose to raid and have an epic roleplay "mini-event", instead of just shooting everyone down and have nothing materialistic achieved.

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This does seem like it would make a great addition to the Server it would definitely improve Role play as ammunition can be picked up from the locker, not just spawning it in out of nowhere.

If possible the texture of the locker should be changed as it does look very modern.

Adding to that. With the add-on it would be possible for any Unterwachtmeister / Grenadier to get to the locker and get himself a M1928A1 if captured.

If the add-on was to be added to the server then the question is, will it keep players interested or will it just be a nice thing for the first 2 Days?

And adding to that, I had a look at the Store page. It seems another add-on is needed this being the Content of the Package

I do think that this has some Filesize as it has a Content Package and the Addon itself. But I can not confirm this as I have not seen the Filesize be mentioned anywhere.

Overall I see the add-on fit in the Server but as you said it yourself Kesselring "Raiding a government building is fun, however it would be more interesting if the raiding party has an objective to achieve inside."

This Objective will just be a nice thing for Mafia / German Resistance for the first Days and then will just be a useless add-on.

I do personally think that Raiding does need more of an Objective but this is not that Objective I and maybe others are looking for.

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Would be a great addon to the server if worked properly, but I do recall Gondo testing something out like this as there was a safe in the PD and that was saying stuff like "the PD Vault is getting raided" or something like that. But if that does not arrive in the server this would be a amazing addon

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We have something in the works similar to this however the addon suggested wont be used.





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