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RP Character name/s: Dr. Viko Schorner (Viktor Batemann, Viktor Rommel etc.)

Steam Name: Viktor

Steam ID ( STEAM_0:0:114632781

Age when applying: 16

What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone?: Bulgaria / GMT+2 or EEST.

Can you speak and type English fluently?: Yes.

Current total game-time on the server: 4w 6d 12h

IC Rank(s) & OOC Donation Rank(s) on WW2-RP: 1.SS Oberscharfuhrer, PlatVIP, PAC3

Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type or speak?: I have a working microphone, I speak most of the time.

When did you join the server? Have you taken any breaks since?: I joined the server back in December 2018, I've taken multiple breaks due to either not fully understanding how the server works or just not being interested in it.

How often do you use our Teamspeak 3 server and our forums?: I use Teamspeak daily, as for the forums, I check them every so often.

List of all previous RP server staff experienceUsed to be a Staff Member on DarkRP for a while and then a SWRP Community about 2 years ago. I was also a Moderator on NRP for about 3 or 4 weeks.

Staff that would recommend you?(They will be asked to verify): Norbert Heinrich,  Johan Schneider, Josef Kraz, Michael.

State your previous OOC punishments (bans, kicks etc.) Also include a screenshot of your list of warns: image.thumb.png.720f277eaf6320f5fe29c872b3cbdaa8.png

State the role of staff on the server: The role of the Staff is to enforce the written rules of the server. They have the duty to spectate players and make sure that rule-breakers are dealt with, as well as assisting new players who are unsure of what to do or how to behave on the server.

Give some historical context about the time the server is set in (75 words+): 1943 was the year in which the Germans and Italians lost Northern Africa against the Allies, followed by the Allied Invasion of Sicily and the fall of Mussolini's Government. This was the year that defined the tides of WW2. The last German soldiers at Stalingrad surrendered and the Soviet counteroffensive was increasing its momentum. The last major historical event during the year was the Tehran Conference held between Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt at the end of November until early December. That was the time when Joseph Goebbels held the famous Sportpalast Speech. One thing to note is that it was in this year that the Gran Sasso raid to rescue Mussolini was launched by the Waffen-SS and Fallschirmjager.

Have you read the server rules and are familiar with them?: Yes, I have and I am familiar with them.

Have you read the punishment listPunishment List v3.0 ) and are familiar with it?: Yes, I have and I am familiar with it.


Former Staff Questions (Leave these blank if you have not been staff on our server before):

1) For how long were you a staff member on WW2-NRP/ORP?: For about a month, plus-minus a 3-4 days.

2) What rank did you reach before leaving the staff team?: Moderator

3) Were you demoted or did you resign? Why?: I resigned due to not having enough time as school had started and I was unsure if we would be online or on mandatory attendance and some other IRL-related events.

4) In hindsight, what would you have done differently as a staff member?: I would've probably applied for Event Planner and tried to take more Staff Sits than I used to. I would've also taken more time to memorize the Punishment List as to hand out punishments way faster and more efficiently.

5) How have you improved since you left the staff team?: I have become a bit more patient, as that would help me handle longer staff sits a bit better than I used to before.


Explain how you would handle these scenarios as a staff member:

1) You are told by a player in admin chat that another player is randomly killing people: I would bring the person that was reportedly RDM-ing other players to a roof and start a Staff Sit. I would first ask him how much playtime he has and if he actually did what he was accused of. Meanwhile, I would check BLogs to see if he did indeed initiate combat. Depending on his playtime and if he actually committed RDM, I would either give him a Tier I warning for ARDM/RDM and a kick. If he killed 3 or more people, I would give him a Demote and a 1 Day Ban if he is still a new player. 

2) You are asked by a player about how to become a Third Reich official: I would explain to him about the different Regiments and branches of the Reich and then ask him which one he's interested in. After he's given me an answer, I would tell him how to join the branch he wants to (SS/NSDAP/Heer).

3) You catch somebody not performing RP and that are messing around: I would check his warns/bans and depending on previous punishments and if he's a veteran player, I would either give him a verbal warning if he's new or issue a Tier I Warn. If he continues after that and blatantly ignores the given warnings, I would issue him a NITRP Ban for a week.

4) Somebody acquires a rank but is not willing to RP with it properlyI would bring the person to a roof and see his previous warn/ban history. If he is obviously just a new player that does not know how he is meant to act as his rank, I would do my best to explain how he should actually behave. After that, a verbal warning would be given to him. However, if he is either an experienced player or just continues to behave the same after a verbal warn has been handed out, I would give him a Tier I NITRP Warn or even Tier II depending on his previous warn/ban history. Obviously, since the case is revolving around an IC rank of the given person, a demotion would be advised depending on the severity.

5) A player is prop spamming: If he continuously keeps on prop-spamming, I would bring him to a roof, freeze him and ban him for as long as I can before asking for SMT Permission and issuing a Permanent Ban on him.


Answer the following questions in detail:

1) Explain the difference between Tier I rule-breaking and punishments and Tier II rule-breaking and punishments: Tier I rule-breaking is usually associated with a newer player unintentionally breaking a rule that he did not know about. The punishments associated with Tier I Rule-breaks are most likely a kick or a warn. Tier II rule-breaks are committed by experienced/veteran players who definitely know the server rules by the time that they broke one. The punishments for Tier II are either Warns+Bans or an outright permanent ban depending on the severity.

2) Explain the difference between IC and OOC. Also define Meta Gaming: OOC are things that are meant to be taken out of the game and that your in-game character isn't meant to know about. IC are things that are well known to your character and that he can use in terms of RP. Metagaming is using OOC knowledge to affect someone else's character. An example for meta-gaming would be telling your friends over Teamspeak/Discord that you're being kidnapped without them having IC evidence.

3) Explain the difference between Serious RP and Semi-Serious RP Serious RP revolves more around staying in character all the time and focusing on maintaining your character's story/actions. Meanwhile in Semi-Serious RP you don't really have to focus on character development and can be more lenient on your RP. Some could even say that in Semi-Serious RP you could be more mingy and chat OOC more frequently.

4) Define PassiveRP and explain it's role and importance in a serious RP gamemode: PassiveRP does not involve any sort of combat what-so-ever. It's associated with the use of /me and is most commonly seen in Medical RP or Business RP. PassiveRP is important for the growth of a RP server, as it promotes less shooting and more actual roleplay involved. It also prevents roleplay servers from turning into a TDM Server.

5) Define the term of Combat Baiting: Combat Baiting is when players go out of their way to seek combat with other players by any means necessary without the proper roleplay involved. Actions classified as combat-baiting could be shooting out in the middle of the street for no reason or pulling weapons out in front of Reich Officials for no other reason than to initiate combat with them.


Have you added the Manager [Extreme] on Steam?: Yes

Have you added the Vice-Manager [Jack/Malte] on Steam?: Yes

Have you added the Staff Manager [Schumacher] on Steam?: Yes

Explain in length and detail as to why you deserve staff more than other applicants. Explain what you will bring to the staff team & your strongest points as a person/potential staff member (200+ words): I should become a staff member due to my previous experience in said position. I have managed to observe the behavior of other staff members and how they handle their cases, and that in my eyes is a very big plus when it comes to this line of work. My warn & ban count is not that big which is something that a Staff Member should value. Seeing as I am on pretty much every day for at least 4 hours, I believe that I will be able to take as many Staff Sits as possible. My strongest traits related to being a staff member are that I am patient, friendly when it comes to new people and understanding. I wish to be able to help new players get a grasp of what the server can offer, as it is the only way that the server can grow even more. Other than that, I do not personally think that I deserve the position more than another person, as I believe that everybody has something unique and interesting to offer. It's my goal to also take sits even whenever I'm on as a Reich Character, as I believe that it's more important to take care of minges than just guarding something most of the day.


Do you understand that you can be demoted at anytime with a sufficient reason by a Hierarchy member?: Yes

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Thank you for your application but we do not think you should be staff at this time.





Current Ranks:

Community Reserve Hierarchy

WW2 Manager

WW2 Gauleiter


Former Ranks:

Community Co-Founder

WW2 Owner

MRP Head-Admin

SCP Senior-Admin

ZRP Reserve






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