New(ish) Kashyyyk map

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What your suggestion is: Adding this Kashyyyk map (Ive been told it has previously been used on this server, but hopefully it will not have the issues its had in the past.)

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Any additional information: Whilst its a little on the small side i think some really interesting last stands could take place if the clones are given enough time to set up before the attack begins.


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This map used to be on the sever, it was pretty meh to shit, there are no points of intrest really. 
And it wasnt optimised aswell, Snipers shred everything as their are no indoor areas

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I loved this map in the past. From what I remember client crashes occurred but they may be fixed only one way to really found out tbh. As well as the skybox being really small i think. 

I really do like the idea of last stands and setting up FOBs could be really cool. I don’t see why it’s not worth a shot so +1

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If it runs well with the player base than i don't have any problem but don't want to be playing on a hella laggy map with people crashing, otherwise looks like a good map


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i have been on that map its good from the lower levels but the rest is either missing textures or just an elevator down  neutral/-1

belived we used this map for order 66

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Neutral map is good could create some good events but it has history of crashing peoples games

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