NSDAP / Party Structure

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This thread is just a brief description of the NSDAP/Party as an introduction for anyone wishing to join this branch.

The Ortsgruppenleitung of the Nazi Party were the territorial organisation of the party under the Kreisleitung. The Ortsgruppenleiter (Stellenleiter) was in front of them. He was assisted by an adjutant, the base manager. In the country, it compromised of one or more municipalities and in cities, it corresponded to neighbourhoods and quarters. They are split into many offices of the Party such as the Propaganda and Public Enlightenment, Finance and Labour and Justice and Public Relations Departments.

The SA-Standarte Feldherrnhalle was formed in 1935 and renamed Feldherrnhalle in 1936. It was the elite unit of the SA and guarded important SA, state and party offices. Its headquarters were in Berlin and battalions of the unit were stationed in Berlin. Hannover, Hattingen, Krefeld, Munich, Ruhr, Stetten and Sturrgart.

Anyone who wishes to find the structure in more detail can do so here:






Current Ranks:

Community Reserve Hierarchy

WW2 Manager

WW2 Gauleiter


Former Ranks:

Community Co-Founder

WW2 Owner

MRP Head-Admin

SCP Senior-Admin

ZRP Reserve






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