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unban request

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Your In-game name:Steven thighsenhaur

Your Steam ID:


Reason of the ban: i left the server while in jail? theres no reason on the ban

Date you were banned on: 27/12/2020

Duration of ban: a week

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): doesnt say


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: i was returning a stolen vehicle to the pd and my game closed itself while i was driving and it caused me to damage property and injure officers then i had to go offline so i left while in jail and as i returned i had been banned

Do you think your ban was justified: no

Why should you be unbanned: because it was an unfortunate mistake


Any kind of evidence: unfortunatly not

Additional information: it was on the berlin server


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I checked the logs and saw a video which showed you VDMing 3 people on the sidewalk near the PD. You then left 2 minutes after so I added the LTAP as well. You're also lying here since I'm pretty sure you spoke after VDMing them, you asked the OrPo a question. 

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i am not lying, my game minimized because another app popped up and when i opened the game again 3 people were dead and i said to the orpo i have this stolen car to give them and they arrested me and apon arrest i left because i had irl things to attend to

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LTAP'ed, LTARP'ed. Ban shall remain.

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