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History and Background

Zollgrenzschutz (ZGS) (lit. 'Customs Border Guards') was an organization under the German Finance Ministry from 1937 to 1945. It was charged with guarding Germany's borders, acting as a combination Border Patrol and Customs & Immigration service.

It originated in the early 19th century as a tariff enforcement unit of the Prussian government. Reorganized in 1919 under the Weimar Republic following World War I, it gradually became more militarized and transformed into a paramilitary force, also due to the economic woes of blockade, inflation and Great Depression.

In Nazi Germany it was reformed again in 1937 by Fritz Reinhardt, a State Secretary of the Finance Ministry. It came to comprise about 50,000 officials. The Border Police (Grenzpolizei), which had the tasks of passport and border control, was different from the Customs Border Guards. (Zollgrenzschutz).

Heinrich Himmler tried to bring the Zollgrenzschutz under the control of the Schultzstaffel (SS), which was unsuccessful at first. During the war, the units were used in occupied territories outside of Germany. A significant portion of younger officials were recruited to the Wehrmacht, leaving the Zollgrenzschutz with older men. After the 20 July 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler, the units were taken out of the control of the Finance Ministry and placed under Amt IV (Gestapo) of the Reich Security Main Office RSHA.

Political allignment and Ideology

It remained "neutral" and was not politically involved or active. It had remained in service even before the rise of Adolf Hitler and strived to maintain its goal of keeping the country safe regardless of political views or powers.

Implementation serverwise

- Patrolling the "border" of Berlin (outskirts of the map) for intruders and illegal activity etc, as most reich patrols are performed inside the city.

- Training in regards to spotting enemy activity and the use of landmines in the border region.

- Manning the city checkpoints from time to time and checking IDs and for weapons, as the booths mostly stand empty.

- Inspecting incoming goods via truck or buss entering Berlin.

(- Enforce a road toll when entering/exiting Berlin, at NSDAP Finance discretion.)

(-Aiding Ordnungspolizei in raids targeting illegal tobacco, moonshine and anything deemed harmful to the reich and its economy customswise.)

Public Documents

Ranks in correlation to GD and OrPo:


Custom Jobs(s)

rgb (179, 255, 0) Lime Green

Job One:
Slots: 3
Name: Offiziere der Zollgrenzschutz
Type: CO of ZGS
Equipment: Same as OrPo CO but with added binoculars (if not already).
Abilities: Same as OrPo CO
Model: OrPo CO, looks almost identical.

Job Two:
Slots: 7
Name: Unteroffiziere der Zollgrenzschutz
Type: NCO of ZGS
Equipment: Same as OrPo NCO, but with added binoculars and without rifles. P38 or P08 instead.
Abilities: Same as OrPo NCO
Model: OrPo NCO, looks almost identical.

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Me being a border guard in the middle of occupied Europe 791311577755287573.png?v=1

Ok but to add to this, other branches can already do what has been described in this thread, they're not needed enough to be done though, so adding an entire """border guard""" to Berlin wouldn't fix anything, other than just create a job that will die in 2 days because no one wants to stand in a checkpoint and check how many people are in the countryside of Berlin.

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Historical duties of the Zollgrenzschutz - Handles customs on the borders of Germany and occupied territories, taxes people, guards important facilities from partisans behind the frontlines.

Lucas Mainz - Basically they will guard the city borders like the ORPO and Wehrmacht does. They will patrol the forest like the Wehrmacht and 1.SS does. Inspect trucks during PassiveRP/boomboompowpowRP events.  Set mines around Berlin so bad guys can step on them. And of course raiding building related to criminal activity like the ORPO, 1.SS and RSHA does.

From what you are suggesting Zollgrenzschutz would just be uniformed ORPO that retards could join without guarding or training in the PD. 


pic related to skull shape of ZGS border commandant.


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We do not believe that this group would work on the server.





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