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Jeffrey Stark unwarn Request V3

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Your In-game name: Jeffrey Stark/Boby Reichts

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:82229946


Reason of the warning: triple warn: RDM/Failure to counter/fail to MOI raid

Date you were warned on: 29th december

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Auster Schuhmacher


Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: I was playing resistance as Boby Reichts. Me and 3-4 People went to the MOI and knocked on the gate. So two of the 1.SS guys come out of the gate pointing there guns at us and told us to leave. We started running away when one of the 1.SS guys started Shooting in the air. Most of us turned around to see what he was up to and then started to counter and kill them. The Problem from my side was i first hit my "assist" key and then the "counter" key (missclick assist=k, counter=l). While Shooting the guy infornt of me i some how managed to hit the one guy who kept Standing inside the gate, probably becuase they were in one line for me (reinacted in the Picture below cause i didnt record at that time). 

Do you think your warning was justified: Kind of yes. Once again that is a difficult case. In my eyes what i deserved would have been a Combat baiting warn and thats it.  The RDM warn wasnt really justified because i didnt kill the guy inside (only hit him a bit),  just the guy that i have countered. "Failure to counter" was just me Pressing the wrong button (so I assisted first and then countered, I started Shooting after i hit counter) and we never tried/did an MOI raid (I only hit a guy inside). 

Why should you be unwarned: As said in my last unwarn request i would like to apply for staff again and with this warn Count it´s not that easy. I know i recieved These warns a while ago and dont have any footage of it but i still hope i get them removed. In my eyes the are still unjustified.


Any kind of evidence:image.thumb.png.f908db432e4d46976a12f8d8acc65a3d.png

Additional information: As mentioned the Picture was reinacted early in the morning where only we were online. Thanks Norbert :3

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All warns justified, MOI raid needed to shoot and damage people inside the gate, RDM and Failure to Counter as you began shooting and killed the person outside when you hit assist by mistake rather than waiting to confirm that it was counter in chat and therefore accidental so all were Tier I's. 

Also, it was combat baiting as you say, so I guess when I'm on the server later I think about adding that too, as that is far thank you for the reminder !

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