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Jeffrey Stark unwarn Request V4

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Your In-game name: Jeffrey Stark/Boby Reichts

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:82229946


Reason of the warning: Breaking NLR

Date you were warned on: 28th June (which cant be true because i dont even Play on the Server for that Long. It was probably in early january somewhere)

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Hans Schrubener


Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: I was playing as a NCO in the 23rd and was Training Anwärter. During that a MB raid happened so i went out to help (during that time the Anwärter room could still be attacked by Raiders). We easily defeated them but one guy was waiting at the docks where i died ( Picture below). So i waited in spawn till my NLR was on 45 secs or something and headed by to the MB to continue Training my Anwärter. In the Courtyard I unfortuantly ran for the Corner of the NLR Zone (Was in there for max. 2 seconds). I continued running insinde the Garage and saw schrubener following me. I stopped and asked if i can help him somehow but he just said "you broke NLR, Anwärter are not that important" and stuff like that. So I got a warn and a 2 day ban. 

Do you think your warning was justified: No. The New Life rule itself definitly makes sense but mostly in Combat Situations. The raid was already over when i started to go back. I didnt gain any Advantages by stepping in the NLR Zone for  2 seconds. And to be honest i just wanted to finish he Anwärter because it was getting late. 

Why should you be unwarned: I think everything was said. 


Any kind of evidence:image.thumb.png.4f8721821e2bcfe30bb2dde6c916f648.png


Additional information: I know the drawings are Beautiful and recreated but it should Show my point

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The warn is valid as your broke NLR by returning to the MB. If you stood at the restaurant and shot people in the MB during those 3 minutes, that's still NLR. NLR isn't just going into the bubble, the bubble is to stop RDM in the direct area. NLR is doing anything to influence or affect people related or in the area of your death.

The ban, can't do anything about now, the warn I can. The warn is valid, and so shall remain. 

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