Jeffree Star

Jeffrey Stark unwarn Request V5

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Your In-game name: Jeffrey Stark

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:82229946


Reason of the warning: Pac abuse

Date you were warned on: January 23rd

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Armin Doring


Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: Pretty simple i dowloaded some pacs online and wanted to try them. I wasnt sure if i can do it on the Server itself so i called staff and asked them. Garcia came over and told ist fine to try them out in spawn. So i switched between the different pacs till i came to the "Jiren" pac. I wore it for around 10 secs then Doring came over and gave me a warn. 

Do you think your warning was justified: In the end kind of but its still shit because i asked an admin Right before and i didnt know what would happen. 

Why should you be unwarned: everything said before


Any kind of evidence: 

Additional information: just a quick Showdown of the pac

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This just boils down to common sense man.

You're on a SeriousRP server based in nazi germany and you're gonna change into a DragonBall character, regardless of how long you wore the pac, that was a valid warn regardless of who gave you it.

Probably the easiest warn of the man's career.

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when i first tried it, it wasnt called "DBXV Jiren" it was just some random letters. So i had no idea what would happen. And as mentioned i had permission to try it in spawn. I even showed garcia some of them.

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Spawn or not, using downloaded PACs where you have no idea what they will do is a no no. In this incident, I would suspect Garcia believed you were going to try PACs that are relevant to the server that others have given you, not stupid ones downloaded off the internet. Some PACs can blast out music, make the server shake, or shine light out to the whole server. 

If you want to be retarded and test retarded PACs that you know do not belong in Nazi Germany 1943, then don't try them out on our server next time. 

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