Wehrmacht Structure

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This thread is just a brief description of the Wehrmacht as an introduction for anyone wishing to join this branch.

The 23rd Infantry Division, Panzergrenadier Company is the main unit of the Berlin Reserve Army. They are generally the most numerous of the army and was organised along stand lines for an infantry division, with basic weapons and armaments. It was non-motorised and largely relied on horse-drawn wagons to move its troops, however on the server it is largely motorised. The unit carried the nickname ‘Grenadierkopf’.

(VIP) The Ersatzbrigade originally started out as a ceremonial guard unit in the 1920s and by the late 1930s had grown into a regiment of the combined Wehrmacht German armed forces. The regiment would later be expanded and renamed Infantry Division Großdeutschland in 1942, and after significant reorganization was renamed Panzer Division Großdeutschland in May 1943. In November 1944 some of its subordinate units were expanded to divisional status, and the whole group of divisions were reorganized as Panzerkorps Großdeutschland.

When Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, Feldgendarmerie were reintroduced into the Wehrmacht. The new units received full infantry training and were given extensive police powers. A military police school was set up at Potsdam near Berlin to train Feldgendarmerie personnel. Subjects included Criminal code, general and special police powers, reporting duties, passport and identification law, weapons drill, self-defence techniques, criminal police methodology, and general administration.

(Custom Group) The Strafbattilon was formed as a penal battalion to punish soldiers and other Reich officials who misbehaved or broke the law. Officials of the Heer and the SS who break rules will be sent here to be punished. It is the job of the Feldgendarmerie and the non-commissioned officers to straighten out the men and let them earn their honour back through various means.

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