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SCP-RP Event Template, Rules and Guidelines

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SCP-RP Event Template, Rules and Guidelines


The Basics
This thread is to aid the server staff in the organization of SCP-RP events. The documents and processes listed below will show the requirements for events and restrictions that I as an event manager have. If you have any further question please reach the Server Management Team via Discord or Forums. 

The Template
This template will be used to help them gather the necessary data and ideas for the event that is suggested. It will contain a basic overview of the event, what weapons: if any, will be used, if NPC's will be used and if any special abilities; 
such as witcher gates, will be used during the event. It will also contain the details of who suggested the even so that they can be given the credit they deserve.

Out of Character Section
Your RP name: 

You in-game rank and level: 

Your steam ID: 
A general overview of the event: 

How long will you expect the event to last?: 

How many members of staff will need to be involved?: 

Will any SCP's need to be breached?: 

What weapons, NPC's or abilities will be used?: 

Step by step process describing what will happen at each stage of the event: 

What RP groups (if any) will be used during the event?: 

Will any SWEPs such as C4 need to be used?: 

The Rules
Now, there will be certain rules in place to ensure that the event is not unfair to players. It will also outline some basic requirements and needs for people. Overall these will mostly be time and swep related rule so that posters may understand what they can and cannot do. 

1. When posting an event suggestion thread include the name of the event within the title. 

2. Ensure that you answer all questions within the template. Failure to do so will result in your event being denied. 
Regardless of how good it is. 

3. Events may only use existing sweps and models that are on SCP-RP. They will not be adding anything just for one event. 

4. If the event involves someone with the use of PAC3 and you do not have access they will not give you access. 

5. You will not be permitted to spawn anything weapons wise during the event. You may advise staff on what to do but remember you are still a player. 

6. Do not base events on just one person. Make it server wide so that all players have an equal opportunity to take part. 

7. If you have an issue in which the way the event has been conducted or any concerns feel free to make a post in this thread. I will attempt to respond to them as quick as I can. 

8. Anyone found to be copying other peoples event ideas after permission will be denied from posting event ideas. 

9. Do not repeatedly bump your thread to get noticed. Event managers will take their time to understand each event and discuss it with the staff team before accepting. 

10. If you event idea has been denied to not repeatedly post of whine about it. Wait two days before suggesting another. 

11. Events can only be under two and a half hours long as staff cannot be on the servet twenty four seven. Anything over this will be denied. 

12. Weapons SWEPs

The Process
After several days of discussing the event with the staff team they will decide whether or not it will be accepted or denied. If it is accepted staff team will over the next few days put in place the necessary actions to perform the event. Within the template is states what will happen at each stage of the event. 
Staff will use this as a script to ensure the event runs smoothly when performed. Note that this does not mean that events cannot have some leverage; there can be two outcomes to the problem within the event. Once the event is complete the staff team will take feedback from the community to see what they liked and disliked about it. From this they will be able to develop a better understanding of what players want. 

If you have made any changes to you event suggestion thread then please state so at the bottom of the original posts. If you create a new post this will be seen as bumping and will get your event denied; staff don't need to know when you have changed a comma, only include major changes. 
If anyone has any further questions then please feel free to ask in #community-help on the SCP RP Discord server. Staff at some point will respond to them.
Anyhow, look forward to seeing what events the community can come up with.

Good luck.
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