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I overdosed and got what I deserve and I expect nothing less

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Your In-game name:Bruno Goring

Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:5787338


Reason of the ban:

Date you were banned on:12.01.2021 or 11.01.2021

Duration of ban:12 days 

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID):Dunstan Beckette


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: so the situation has started at 12.00 in the morning and after breakfast I couldnt think anymore and lost myself in a huge abyss. Tha is when I noticed my anti deppresants and realized what they are doing to me they are the reason why Im smiling sometimes and me being dumb decided to take 6 instead of the daily dose of one and the rest of the day was very weird for me couldn't think couldnt feel just a huge smile on my face and no thinking and when I get on the Server the medicine has still its effect running on me and I coulndt think so me being high on pills and couldnt think I think I RHC someone and he called the admin which was fair in his standarts and me being high again said I was doing a joke and keep contradicting myself then I think I told that to ban me for twelwe days but in the Punishment list it was 8 or 4 days If Im correct or not the nafter 1 or 2 hours I realized what I have done and started to break apart with Hermann WErnicke being there for me and I feel like Im a huge nuisance for you guys and I would like to say that Im sorry with all the trouble I caused and after that I would be a new person and be serious about what I will do to make the staff team calm and try to help everyone at the Server and I just wanna comeback 

Do you think your ban was justified: yes and no since yes I broke a rule but that wasnt me or sane myself it was me being high on anti depressants 

Why should you be unbanned:I think I should be unbanned since that wasnt me and that was me overdosing and high myself with all of these situations I have I just wanna play on the server and have fun with the people that I have ever met and with so I promise that I wont be breaking any of the rules anymore and try to roleplay much more and fix the reputation that I have and I realise the mistakes I have made with the things that are happening to me in real life that was also affecting my palying style and else with me strecthing myself so far that I forget about myself and when I think about it I can be brutal and dumb at it so that was a huge lesson for me and everything and I expected to be forgiven nothing more 


Any kind of evidence:I dont know if the anti deppresant I take is proof but the name is Lustral (seratalin) here is a pic of the medicine  http://www.larapsikiyatri.com/psikiyatri-merkezi and here is the link of the psychiatry 

Additional information: As right now I have ADHD,Depression and anxiety and I was not at myself when I was at the game and when I came to myself and realized what have I done I feel very stupid and dumb 


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For me is a huge +1

And I'm not speaking as his friend, I'm speaking as his boss, seeing him on everyday as NSDAP NCO. He's very competent, always active, tending every day to help people surrounding him, like his colleagues, and sometimes giving also really good suggestion to the CO team, like many ideas for new events or how to make the Hauptamt a better place.

Sadly, I can speak only as a close worker with him, in the Party, so I cannot pronounce myself about his life in other regiments. Nonetheless my life philosophy (learned the hard way) is that everyone deserves a second chance, also because making mistakes is within human nature. He said that he couldn't think while he was under the effects of the drug, so I presume it was his first attempt trying it, seen that he didn't know what effects it was going to induce in him.

Talking about him as a friend, I think he's the most human friend I found in my life. And I can say this because we shared the same life path, same problems and sometimes same hobbies. I don't think he deserves everything he's going through, he's always ready to help anyone in difficulty.

I'd love to have him back in the NSDAP as soon as possible, he's the one of the most efficient and performant members we have right now.

Best regards,

Amtsleiter H. Wernicke


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you walked out of spawn and went "hmmmm, you are going to brazil" then proceeded to shackle me and drag me into spawn

i do not see what is not unjustified this is your 5th ban


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You are literally breaking SERVER RULES, if you have depression and if you are ahving to do those drugs DONT PLAY. if you know its gonna do shit like this. sorry but its justified

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This excuse of '' I took my meds'' is the same of '' oh my brother was on the computer''. If you have medications you really should take them earlier or wait a while before they settle your head, people come on the server intoxicated and get banned so it is the same  . You still broke a server rule and you have to deal wtih it . And rather than coming on a WW2 RP community and telling your IRL problems & basically telling everyone  within WG who use the forums your location by telling us where you get your medication from. I think you should take this time off the server and get your head sorted out and your problems fixed 

kind regards 

El  señorito don Josef Kraz the third of Nothern Ireland 

Edited by Josef Kraz






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Hello Bruno, 

Sorry but cuffing someone randomly and "taking someone to brazil" as a "joke" in character is not a situation that us as staff is going to let you off on. I think it's time for you to buck your ideas up and start following the rules. I could of even noted this situation as NITRP, since that is the way this behaviour is going Bruno.  Also please don't bring your meds into this. My advice for you is if you can't handle them then don't come on the server while on them. In my opinion this ban is completely valid. Good luck with this Unban Request. Take care. 


Dunstan Beckette:

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This is purely your fault, its common sense not to come on a server and interact with other people when you know you are literally fucked from anti depressents 

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Sadly overdosing on prescribed medication is not a provision by which I will allow you to break server rules. Deepest apologies. The ban remains.

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