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Your In-game name: At the time I was Toni Walker

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:215590930


Reason of the ban: Breaking NLR

Date you were banned on: 01/18/21

Duration of ban: 4 days

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Johan Schneider / Bluemist / STEAM_0:1:458601545


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: So after running towards Plaza, an SA was pulled over by Schneider for BHopping, then Heinrich saw I had nothing to do, so he made fires inside & outside of the Courthouse.

After putting out some of the fires, he accidentally types "!vfirestart500" ( or something like that) right where I stood & I die instantly. Now, because I know that it wasn't a player who killed me, it shouldn't have put me on NLR.

To prove it, smash into someone with a car, smash them with a prop, put a minefield & have them walk over it, or just make them fall from a deadly altitude & you'll see that they won't get any NLRs even although these scenarios were caused by a player, but there's no way in hell that dying by fire counts as a player killing me.

Then I walk into the NLR zone ( trying the put out the new fires Heinrich made for me ), & as soon as the NLR prompt pops up, I immediately get out. Schneider says I stood there for a whole second, while me & Heinrich say otherwise, that I was one frame inside the zone before getting out. 

Do you think your ban was justified: Somewhat

Why should you be unbanned: Because although ( as he told me ) I'm a veteran player, the rate of a fire starting is 10% per MONTH, therefore, how was I supposed to know that you get NLR from it if I didn't even experience anything of the sort ? 

Any kind of evidence: None, but I have Heinrich to vouch for me

Additional information: I gladly ask for Schneider to provide evidence of me being in the zone for more than a millisecond.


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Dear Applicant,

Yes, the only thing which is not right is that I typed a wrong command because you died for walking in the fire but the rest is correct, IC, you would have walked out of trainstation and saw the fire again, you waited and looked at the fire and moved slightly to the front which made you break NLR for a very short amount of time and you moved back again and then you got brought to a sit, however, you still broke NLR, therefore I wil give you a Neutral. Good Luck!

Sincerely, Norbert

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42 minutes ago, WolfgangEmanuel said:

"!vfirestart500" ( or something like that) right where I stood & I die instantly.

If that's the case then I agree with the unban. But let's wait for @Norbert Heinrichto reply and confirm this. 

42 minutes ago, WolfgangEmanuel said:

I gladly ask for Schneider to provide evidence of me being in the zone for more than a millisecond.

About this part, you broke NLR. It doesn't matter how long you stood in the zone though. 


Edit : after talking to Norbert, he stated that he never killed you "accidentally" also, I just remembered that you had mentioned the fact that you had been breaking NLR in the OOC chat, then you proceeded by going back to your NLR zone. 

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The situation occurred due to staff error. The ban will be repealed.

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