Battalion Security Grapple Hooks

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What your suggestion is:
Basically what it says in the title, at the moment, all battalion members have access to grappling hooks, and use them regularly for mobility in events, but due to battalion security not having access to them, they can't actually follow the people they are meant to protect, making the roll incredibly hard to do.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: -N/A-

Any additional information:
Whether done as this, or in addition to this, can there be some additional differentiation put in place between ABS and BS, as the two roles are identical at the moment. (With the exception of elastic cuffs)

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One of my favourite features of the grapple hook is the fact that I can use it to get away from ABS on occaisons. I'm sure if the battalion your are guarding wanted you by his side he would travel where it is appropriate. Also literally every regiment would have an easier time if they had access to a GH, doesn't mean it should be added to every loadout though.


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As kids said, every regiment would like a GH for better mobility, and ABS and Battalion are either readily secured or on the front lines during an event meaning they don't use there GHs anyway. It would just be another thing for 2am BS / ABS to abuse like the handcuffs they got. If Battalion wants security, they'll ask, and if they ask, it's because they're in an area what is readily accessible with them using their GHs in the first place. 

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Battalion hate having Battalikn Security follow them. Also with addition of grappling hooks to this job it would require you to be trained with one before hand as it is a clone job.

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To be honest, they should remove battalion security as it's annoying and useless.

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To address the points raised:
I'm not trying to suggest giving everyone grapple hooks, and the reason I believe the role need it is set out in my original message. Considering that the entire point of the role is to protect battalion, it makes sence that you should be properly equipped to move with them.

As for training, while I agree that it is important to do so, however, republic mercenary (another vip job) gets access to speeders without training required to play the role, surely this would be the same.

I honestly didn't realise battalion security was this disliked, in that case, why not remove it and replace it with another role?
(edit: I typed this before I saw lewis's comment)

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99% of the time BS dont even need to protect Battalion because Battalion Members have the HP and loadout of a Commander.

also BS are very annoying as soon as a BS is on my ass i go to a CL5+ area so they cant follow me around, its like someone is constantly stalking me.

only time they are fun is when i tell them to go protect someone else as a laugh with other battalion members


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Only job that should get Grapple Hooks should be Battalion Security Captain (meme). If you want better equipment, earn it (or buy it separately - RRM). Not every PlatinumVIP should get access to Grapple Hooks, it would make using it less special. Making it only useable by whitelist jobs or extra paywall jobs would feel more rewarding in my opinion. 


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The issue with Battalion Security at times is that they switch to the job and expect to be by a battalion member at all times instead  playing it when it's actually needed there are some times where battalion security are useful but the experience can be made bad by people switching to it and using it to borderline harass battalion so all I can say with this is you use the job at the opportune times to protect battalion you wont need the GH

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