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Your In-game name: Hanz Fixterman

Your Steam ID: 76561198076493427


Reason of the warning: Looking weird on 5%

Date you were warned on: 20/01/2021

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Dr.Alfred Schuster


Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: i was 5% bigger i got told it looks weird on me so i got warned, i said i can screenshare or show you my screenshot. No response got told to remove it.

Do you think your warning was justified: no

Why should you be unwarned: because you can't edit rules to because 1 person looks weird and then tell him to remove it but everyone else can. That afterwhich laugh.


Any kind of evidence:unknown.pngunknown.png



Additional information:

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Your size was +5% and you was willing to prove it but got ignored.

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I warned you because i was told to by a Super Admin who also agreed you looked weird. 

I laughed before walking away as instead of discussing this, you said "im going to speak to harland and then come back", which found funny.

Although this abides by the rules it is up to staff discretion, and with the NSDAP models that 1.05x looks stupid as it stretches the uniform. Also for me, i dont know about other staff, you were much taller than that.

I will leave this decision to the Staff Manager


Enjoy your day.

Edited by Johannes Grau

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I was there while Stellman had changed his pm, then rescaled himself to your side. It clearly did not match your size, that was the main reason behind the warn. That was not included in the video. 

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Video literally shows him applying size of 1.05 at the start, soooooooo I mean, it was 5%. 

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