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Ordnungspolizei Loadout Suggestion

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Type of suggestion (job/vehicle/etc): Loadout Change


How important is your suggestion on a scale from 1 to 10: 8-9


Your suggestion:

These are the changes that I would propose:

Unterwachtmeister: K98K, Bayonet;

Rottmeister: K98K, Bayonet;

Wachtmeister: K98K, Bayonet, P38; 

Oberwachtmeister: MP34, P38, Bayonet;

Revier-Oberwachtmeister: MP34, P38, Bayonet;

Hauptwachtmeister: MP34, P38, Bayonet;

Meister: MP40, P38;

Obermeister: MP40, P38;

Leutnant: MP40, P08;

Oberleutnant: P08;

Hauptmann: P08.



Reasons for this suggestion: 

Alright, this is going to be a fairly long one. The loadout change to the Ordnungspolizei doesn't make that much of a sense to be totally fair. I know that them being a more "civilian oriented" type of organization would make you think that their equipment would be far less heavy than other regiments, but this is just unfair to the OrPo for a couple of factors.

Let's take in consideration the role of each "armed/fighting" regiment in the Server:

  • Bruno gets more weaponry and gets to fight more heavily but not do that much inside the city.
  • Ceasar has tanks and more or less the same equipment has bruno, so it's even more ideal for heavy fighting and light involvement in urban affairs.
  • 1.SS Is a Wachbatallion, honor guards that should focus on being snappy, elite units that can also be deployed in heavy combat and as such focus their tasks not on actively and proactively stopping crime or being a "swat team" as some people like to consider them but on being  an elite lightly armoured SS Division.
  • SA is a regiment that should worry about defending party members, events and could be seen as a somewhat "police like" secondary job, although it isn't and shouldn't be covering the same role as the Ordnungspolizei
  • The OrPo is there to raid criminals, proactively stop crime by being around in patrols, responding to distress calls and be generally the first line of defence against Resistance/mafia. 

In my opinion, and in the opinion of many other members of the community, the equipment of the Ordnungspolizei should reflect the fact that they are the guys that most of the time have to stop big groups of criminals armed with all kind of automatic weaponry. Let's add on top of that that OrPo for several years has had K98Ks as their main rifle even when the Army actually used that rifle in big numbers.  

Let's also take a look at the community suggestion that made SMTs remove K98Ks from standard unterwachtmeister loadout:

"In-Game Name: Harald Krause
Suggestion: Change the overall equipment of the OrPO
Additional Information: IRL orpo shouldn't have smgs for every rank and even an STG, so I got these ideas from other people aswell.
EM : P38 only
JNCOS : K98s and P38
SNCOS : MP34 and P38
Of course some people would get mad over because the weapons do shit dmg, but of course a buff to the weapons would fix everything. Probably a sniper job could be also be added"

First of all, In real life the Ordnungspolizei was armed not only with K98Ks as their standard equipment, but also with many other automatic, light and heavy small arms. Arming less people with MP40s and more people with K98Ks makes total sense.

I agree that STGs have no place in the Ordnungspolizei and as such I will not be requesting them back. The police has no need for snipers as it makes more sense have other regiments that actively focus on fighting have them instead of the OrPo. 

We also have to take in consideration the fact that right now the Ordnungspolizei we have in game is acting as a Schutzpolizei unit, which was specifically "State Protection Police", which was armed with a good amount of rifles and long firearms.  Readily available information about Ordnungspolizei equipment is scarce so I am not able to actually give some trusted sources.

And as a last factor take in consideration the fact that the K98K is barely used in the Server. It was the most popular rifle in the Third Reich and in the server the only jobs using it as their main weapon are 1.SS Schutze and Oberschutze, Orpo Rottmeister, SA Sturmann and Obersturmmann, and all scharfschutzes. 


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Additional Information: We can't do our job send rifles 

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