Corn's 5th Battalion Application

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ffs i dont understand how he hasen't got it yet.

Hes literally been SO coming upto 3 times now. This simply is never done espeically for people the same age as Corn. He shows dedication so heavily its actually insane


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+1 Corn is a good and active member of the community. He is very mature and I believe he will make a good battalion member 

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One of the strongest applicants so far. Corn has proved his worth by sticking with a regiment and achieving the rank of Major, whilst doing so he has had no problems, is active and performs well. This is all that was asked from his last application, which he has completed and has not hesitated to apply again. I think it is about time to give Corn a shot, and I think it would be unfair to say otherwise. He has matured over time, and is very responsible for his age. His activity is very good, and would be a great addition to Battalion. Best of luck.



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+1  also at this point it seems like you are denying him based upon his age, which to be frank is completely unfair as its only a game and so shuldn't matter too much as if battalion mess around too much anyway they can be kicked. corn has proven himself countless times in 327th and also balancing sage at the same time. majority of 74th trainings he comes and participates in meaning he can not just exceed in one regiment but also suceed in another, from when i was battalion that seemed like an extremely useful skill to have and lines well into skills needed to be a sucessful battalion, byt continueing to make applications after being denied constantly he has shown that he is dedicated and wont give up. at this point it just seems dissapointing that the only explination for his denial is simply that he is too young. at this point all i ask is you give him a chance at least and if you still feel he is too young then at least you can say you gave him a chance all the same.


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Everything has already been said, I really hopes he gets it because I do believe he would try his absolute best in battalion 


Good luck :))

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You have been accepted into Battalion, contact a member of Battalion Command for you introduction and mentor.


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