Removal of RP_Denon

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What your suggestion is: Remove RP_Denon as a whole

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: The map is extremely laggy for planetaries, everyone has extreme lag with it, the spacing of this map is poor, and im not even going to mention its completely dark, to the point where you cant see where hostiles are, ECs can easily use the darkness on the rooftops to become extremely overpowered. Its also very hard for regiments to breach the buildings on the map, on top of them being already a labyrinth. Easy to get lost here.

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imo It isn't that much of a laggy map, once you leave the LZ it is fine. We already have a low amount of maps for events and deleting a working map is against the point we are trying to achieve as we are attempting to get more maps for events.

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Probably one of my favourite event maps, endless rp and also there's so many locations for a certain thing to happen within the event (stripclub, chem factory, droid factory, HQ, rooftops along with all the other little buildings to use). I agree there's some lag but it's gmod you should expect to lag on a server with 100+ players. As Lewis said the amount of event maps we have is low and considering this one is one of the only maps which comes under the category with endless rp in my opinion it would be stupid to get rid of it.

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You will have lag with every map during peak times, more or less depending on the map. I don‘t think removing pretty much the only proper city-like map from the map pool, just because it has so many PassiveRP opportunities, which there can‘t be enough of in my opinion.


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Big -1

One of the best planetary maps, lots of RP opportunities and has lots of good places for events. You get lag on all maps and tbh that one is one of the better ones. Right now we need more planetary maps not less.

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Probably my favourite map.

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