AJ (raimund Klostermann) unban appeal

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Your in-game name: Raimund Klostermann

Your Steamid: STEAM_0:0:162459210

Reason of ban: Not stated    (i was offline when ban occurred so i was not told in game)

Admin that banned you: Not stated, again i was offline when ban occured 


Explain the situation: I believe this ban to be when i disconnected from the server, Now i agree this ban would have been fair if i had done it to avoid an RP situation, however as you can see from the logs, it was maybe 1 hour + from when i disconnected i attempted to rejoin, i may be incorrect about this reason but this is my best guess as i cant think of any other reason i was banned.  I cant remember if i disconnected during an RP situation, but again going back to my main point, i did not disconnect because of an RP situation, as you can see in the logs all day i have been in many RP situations that were totally against me, but i stayed on the server.  I would like to be back on the server ASAP, it is all i have been playing and only thing on Gmod i find enjoyable.  



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The reason why I issued the ban is because the logs clearly show that you had in-fact disconnected from the server (not connection lost but actually disconnected by the user). The person who had made the sit had shown me that you had been detained but that you had left the server while in the middle of an RP situation. This was also confirmed by the logs (that you had been shackled). This is in clear violation of server rules as it pertains to leaving an RP situation on purpose.

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Did not inform staff of a legitimate reason to leave the server, and left during being detained. 

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