Klaus Geburtstag

Unban Appeal Request - I will die soon if not unbaned/shortened Close to death (What would you do it if hung myself?) 1943 Nazi gang gang server

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Your In-Game Name: Klaus Geburtstag

Your Steam ID: I can't get into my stream account it was hacked with connections from the server ­čśĽ


Offenders In-Game Name: No idea - some police officer

Offenders Steam ID: Still no idea


What the offender has done: Fail RP, arrest for no reason and overreaction in comparison to other people

Evidence:  heil, hey gang! (now do that stanky leg) pretty peed off as of right now, as i have just recieved a week banage on the Epic Awesome Racist Nazi RP server. I resisted a police officers (He sounded like corpse husband) (whispered in my ear) request because he was failing RP and i was not doing anything wrong. There were many people nearby doing the same thing, that didn't get arrested. I was standing on the footy pitch, and got arrested by some fat neek. I then didn't comply, which should end in a warning, but i was threatened with a kick, but baned. He said to me, and i quote. 'Listen here you little N*er, you scumbag piece of shit i will rape you in real life, and cream (everywhere), ' Then went on to repeat racial slurs. I understand that I should have listened to the officer, but a 1 week ban just aint it cheif. Please shorten my ban to like 1 day or something, Cheers g. P.S - Can someone say 'I will cream in your pants' or is it fail RP, need to notify the gang (crew) (famalam) iminently If my request is denied, you might be killed or swatted. https://gfycat.com/esteemedblondleafhopper My name is Klaus Geburtstag on the server. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jZKpwZUNfQ

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based application??

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Ex. Reichsarbeitsdienst - Feldmeister / Ex. Sturmabteilung - Hauptsturmführer

Vergleichen Sie sich nicht mit anderen. Wenn Sie dies tun, beleidigen Sie sich selbst.

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+1 we can't kill this poor man. Unban him and give him admin now

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Locked and Banned, 

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